Ogle Nuggets: 09/02/11

• Someone sent us this picture of Emily Sutton, Sarah Libby and Danielle Vollmar. We heard they were taking the pic for an OKC Biz story about weathergirls. That should be an interesting article, especially when you consider Sarah Libby is leaving Channel 5 to work at Chesapeake and Danielle Vollmar will soon be leaving the green screen to be an anchor/ reporter on the KOKH morning show.

• The Oklahoma City Friday is reporting the largest airship in the world will be floating over “Fridayland” next week. The Farmer’s Airship will be, uhm, docked(?) at Wiley Post Airport. You can book a 30-minute flight in the zeppelin for “only” $299. If you do that, please remind someone to punch you in the face when the flight lands.

• NewsOK.com is providing Pulitzer-worthy coverage of a man  ticketed for mowing his lawn at 4:00am and killing his neighbor. Okay, the guy really didn’t kill his neighbor, but you would think he did by the coverage this stupid story has received.

Former OU star Malcom Kelly has joined the ranks of Sooner wide receivers who have been total busts in the NFL. He was released by the Washington Redskins after two terrible seasons in the league. Upon hearing the news, Kelly promptly blamed the artificial surface at the OU practice facility.

• We’ll be taking a break from the “Worst of OKC” today and Labor Day. It will return on Tuesday, which will actually feel like a Monday. Or something like that. Anyway, have a happy Labor Day and Boomer Sooner.