Spence Sez: I Will Have My Revenge!

Hey guys, we have some great questions this week. I am still undefeated in my fantasy football league and later this morning is the first day of TLO’s 2011 State Fair of Oklahoma Photo Contest. The lovely couple featured above are not from the Fair, they are Juggalos. Grey toothed, smelly, stupid Juggalos. Also, I will tell you the truth about what went down with last month’s “Hot Girl of the Month” post! So let’s get to it.

SpencerLenox yeah, got any tips for those of us looking to try our hands at tax evasion? Lathee1190

Well, luckily you are in the comedy business, which needless to say is paid in mostly cash… so you don’t have to report that income! Lord knows I don’t. Aside from that I would just tell you to not do your taxes and move often.

SpencerLenox What’s the most important part of a pizza? The crust, the cheese, the sauce, or the topping? – TonyHanadarko

Thank you for the question, Tony! I love your posts. Well, like my father always said: “Sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad… you still have to pay for it.” Wait, that wasn’t my dad, that was Greg Geraldo, Lord rest his soul. But in my opinion, I think the sauce is the most important part. And the sauce of my choice is Ranch.

Where am I most likely to meet Oklahoma’s news media elite around town? @JoelDavidD

Thanks for the question, Joel. Well, I’ve seen one of the Ogles at two different Brian Regan comedy shows (I have trouble telling them apart). Brent Skarky occasionally comes to TLO’s trivia night at the Speakeasy on Tuesday’s, but he’s not famous. If you just want to talk with a local news celeb, Yahoo! is a great place to hang out and chat with them! Joleen Chaney’s screen name is: TruckFullofMelons.