Ogle Nuggets: 10/10/11

• This is a few weeks old, but Oklahoma City placed number 4 in the American Mustache Institute’s rankings of the “Top 10 Mustache Friendly Cities in the United States.” The only cities ahead of us are Chicago, Houston and Pittsburgh.  This is pretty big news, because now the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce can more aggressively recruit businesses that employ highway patrolmen, pedophiles and washed up street fighters from the 1920’s.

According to the Oklahoman, State Rep. Corey Holland is concerned that higher education employees make too much money:

A Republican state lawmaker says he hopes to revive a bill that would reduce funding for Oklahoma’s colleges and universities.

Holland delivered a report to lawmakers on Wednesday as part of a presentation by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs — a conservative think-tank…

He says he’s concerned that thousands of university employees earn more than $100,000 each year — but do little classroom teaching.

In other news, Holland earns $38,400 as a state representative…and only has to work four months a year. So yeah, this guy makes $10,000 a month for the work he does as an elected official, but let’s instead go after the incomes of those highly educated socialist university employees instead. I’m sure that will keep all the quality professors and administrators in Oklahoma, and in the process, guarantee that Oklahoma students continue to get the quality education they deserve.

• Replicas of the Nina and Pinta will stop at ports in Oklahoma later this month. There’s no word yet if the ships are going to bring along deadly diseases and foreign invaders who will attempt loot our cities and steal our land.

Mitt Romney will visit Oklahoma City on October 21st for a fundraiser. This may scare some people, but I kind of like the former Governor from Massachusetts. In fact, out of all the Republican Presidential candidates, he and Huntsman are the only two I’d consider voting for over Obama. I think that pretty much ruins his chances of winning his party’s nomination.

Jamelle Holieway was arrested…again. When I was a kid, I would pretend to be Jamelle Holieway when I played football with my friends on the front yard. That probably explains why I started drinking and doing drugs at such a young age.