Friday night in the big town: Girl Talk, Bedlam, and Honey

What’s up, readers?  Can you believe it’s December? You know all those deadlines for the end of the year that you’ve been ignoring? They’re here. I’m pretty sure I need to write 2 more 20-page papers for school by next Friday, so I guess it’s time to start that pesky research process. Hopefully, you have better time management skills than I do. But if not, you could be like me and ask for some for Christmas! I mean, what’s more adult than asking Santa to make you capable of managing your time? Nothing, that’s freakin’ what.

Anyhow, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town!

December 3:  Secret Girl Talk show in Norman

Ladies, do you remember that stupid board game that was basically a trumped-up version of truth or dare and you had to dial this weird phone thing and if you didn’t want to divulge secrets like how much you weighed or who you would totally like to make out with you had to put a zit sticker on your face? Yeah, that was totally called Girl Talk. And, while I was still in elementary school when I played it with my older cousin, it was still terrifying and prepared me well for the cutthroat environment that was Sequoyah Middle School.

Anyway, this Girl Talk isn’t the same. I’m talking about the dude that mashes up songs and makes me wanna dance. He’s playing in Norman. Not that I have my fingers on the scene pulse or nothing, but I can give you some information. I hear that if you go to the OU stadium today at 1:00 PM, there will be an Axe truck. You can get your tickets there for the show that will be Saturday night at the Opolis. If you can grab two tickets for me and contact me via Twitter (@GentleMarisa), I’ll buy you some beverages at the show provided you are of age. If not, then you can have some soda, my treat!

December 3:  Bedlam!!!

Okay, so, by this point in the football season, I usually don’t care anymore. It’s not that I’m a fair weather fan, it’s just that I’m ready for basketball season, and it’s too cold to go to football games comfortably. And since we are going to have basketball, I can’t be all “wooo football” when I’m actually feeling like “halle-freakin-lujah basketball!” I’m sure you know the feeling.

My dad spent the better part of this season wearing an OSU shirt even though he went to OU and his one and only precious and angelic daughter is a forever student there. His reasoning was that he had to support OSU so they could be undefeated for this game, and then the Sooners could rip out their hearts and dance upon them in a fit of joy. As we all know, this season didn’t turn out the way either team has hoped, so this game is more about watching in the comfort of someone’s home and just getting wasted with football in the background for me. The hype is over and it’s time to just enjoy the sport. In the end, we’re all Oklahomies, regardless of what color we bleed. But Sooners are still better than Cowboys.

December 3:  Minco Honey Festival

If there’s one adjective that someone could use to describe me, it’s probably not folksy. I hate small towns, country slang, and roads that cannot be traveled with my little Honda Civic. The only thing folksy about me is my love for chicken-fried steak, and even then it’s best consumed at Cheever’s in the company of beer drinking ladies. (Seriously, Karen and Brittany, dinner soon?) But I will say this about folksy business: I loves me some crafts and antiques, and I’d be a liar if I said that I didn’t love me some honey.

The Minco Honey Festival combines the best of crafters, quilts, antiques, tractor pulls, and tours of the Ross Honey Plant. It’s in Minco, which is one of those towns in Oklahoma that I have no idea where it is because I don’t think it’s along I-35. There will be a Santa Claus, food and dairy samples, and I hear the 2 Movie Guys will be there too. If the fine folks of Minco need celebrities next year, we at TLO volunteer. We may not be on TV, but that doesn’t mean we don’t use our status as bloggers to get free drinks at local bars.

That’s it for this week, kiddies. Enjoy the game on Saturday, and regardless of who you cheer for, don’t be an idiot by drinking and driving. And seriously, don’t be one of those people who throws a fit when their team loses.

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