Friday night in the big town: New Year 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve, readers! If you’re anything like me, then you are way ready for 2011 to be over with. Firstly, it’s been a rough year, and secondly, 11 is a prime number and I really don’t like prime numbers, except for the number 2 because it’s the only even prime number. Anyway, I’m pretty stoked for 2012 and how the world is going to end in December. It makes me feel some sort of vindication for the fact that I have spent the majority of my life not looking to the future. Who needs a retirement fund when you’re going to die at the age of 27, all Cobain-Joplin-Winehouse style?

Anyhow, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town!

December 31:  Isaac Gibson Jr. Band at Thunderbird Casino

In case you didn’t know, readers, I really like casinos. Back in my bartending days, we would go to casinos after work since they were the only places that were still open. Once in Vegas I won $36. I love repetitive noises that buzz and beep as well as flashing lights. So, suffice it say that casinos and I like one another. And let me just say that casinos on New Year’s Eve are the place to be if you’re a lady. Can you say free drinks from all the single dudes who want someone to kiss at midnight?

Anywho, if you happen to be in the Norman area, you should head to Thunderbird Casino and live it up. I don’t know anything about the band playing, but that’s not important. What is important is that they have happy hour specials from 4:00 to 7:00 daily, so you could potentially start ringing in the New Year at 4:00 PM. If you go there tonight, you can have $1.50 drafts during the OU game. Who doesn’t want to welcome 2012 with beer and the possibility of winning some sweet skrilla? Also, if you’re in the Shawnee area, there’s a Thunderbird Casino for you to party at as well.

December 31:  Opening Night

I won’t lie to you, readers. The other night there was a child screaming in a booth near mine as I tried to enjoy some quality Mexican food at a restaurant. While I understand that children cry, I don’t understand how parents react the majority of the time. If yelling at the child made the child cry, then surely it would be logical to assume that yelling won’t make the child stop. However, the family thought otherwise, and thus all other tables in the restaurant were treated to the sounds of wailing and yelled threats. This is why I generally don’t go out to eat at family restaurants. I feel there will come a time in my life when I will have to because I will have kids. But for now, I’ll sit at the bar, thanks.

What does this have to do with Opening Night? Well, this is labeled as a family friendly activity. And that’s just not my style. To me, New Years is drinking a liter of red wine and then throwing up before midnight so you can start partying again after the ball has dropped. (You know, the ol’ puke and rally!) But if that’s not your style, Opening Night might be your thing. There will be music, food, and fireworks. As well, I’m sure, as children that are staying up way past their bedtime.

December 31-January 1:  New Year’s Freakout #5

If I wanted to start 2012 off with a DUI, I’d totally go to this. Not that I have anything against drinking, I’m just saying, the downtown area is going to be crazy. There’s a Thunder game, a Barons game, there’s Opening Night, and let’s not forget that every bar in Bricktown will be packed. If you thought parking was bad during the weekends, it will be nothing compared to this weekend. Couple this with the sheer number of officers that will be walking around, ready and willing to bust you for being an idiot and trying to drive drunk.

Anyway, I suppose it’s time that I tell you how I feel about Wayne Coyne. I’ve seen him a couple of times in a non-musical sense. Once, he and his wife were on Campus Corner, seemingly wasted and chatting it up with the hipster kids outside of Pepe Delgado’s. Then, I saw him eating Sonic ice cream at the airport while wearing a suit. Both times, I’ve felt as if I were voyeuring some sort of freak show. I’m sure these shows will give spectators the same feeling, as Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono band will be present as well. Also, am I the only one that thinks that instead of the mirrored ball, we should drop Wayne Coyne in his bubble to countdown the New Year?

If you need me readers, I’ll probably be drunk dialing you at some point this weekend. I have a history of that during the New Year’s holiday. There’s a rumor out that if you need a ride, you can call AAA and they will bring you and your car home for free even if you aren’t a member. All you have to do is call 800-222-4357. And, just to drive Tony Hanadarko loco, I’ll see you next year.

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