From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You

Alabama cock slapped the Bayou Bengals 21-0 on Monday, in a game that inexplicably coerced dozens of OSU fans to flood Facebook and the internet chat rooms with “booooring” and “this is bad football” and “we would have hammered LSU/Alabama”.

Earth to idiot Aggie. It was bad offense by LSU because Alabama plays NFL defense. Don’t think for one blue second the Crimson Tide would have allowed the Pokes to run roughshod in the Superdome. And don’t think OSU’s defense would have shut down LSU. Be happy you beat OU for the first time in eight years. Be happy some genius from Stanford 2-ironed a 35-yard field goal. Don’t go all Sooner daywalker and start whining and bitching about what could have or would have been.

The prodigal son returneth. The University of Oklahoma is expected to announce that Mike Stoops will return as co-defensive coordinator of the Fighting Sooners, presumably replacing epic disaster Willie Martinez. Sooner nation rejoices. Time to relive those vaunted Mike Stoops led defensive performances, such as Kansas State 2003, and Oklahoma State 2002 … and Texas A&M 2002 … and Brad Smith 2002 … and the entire 1999 season.

Be careful what you wish for, Oklahoma daywalker. This move smacks of desperation and could have intriguing consequences should Mike hearken back to his powerful defenses at Arizona.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are as good as advertised. With most of the top teams in the West nursing a variety of problems, the Thunder have coasted through a tough opening 12 games with a 10-2 record. KD is still a superstar. Russell Westbrook has gone from a record turnover pace to up-and-coming superstar over the past week. Ibaka is Iblocka with a jump shot. Perkins is what we expected when we traded for him. And James Harden is Manu Ginobli 2.0.

This team might not have the most talent in the league, but they have the best ten man rotation and are primed for a serious run at the title.

Bedlam basketball was unwatchable, as is pretty much all college basketball in these parts right now.

I played Lincoln East last weekend with one of my law partners. I was only able to play 14 holes due to a wedding commitment, but I shot 10 over, including one under over the last four. This is a big local sports story because I have played a grand total of two rounds of golf over the past year, and maybe seven of holes sober.