Wes Welker is engaged to 2005 Miss Hooters International

It’s hard not to like Wes Welker. He’s a local guy, hard worker and has overcome some amazing odds and obstacles to get where he is today. He also has a pretty damn good sense of humor.

But there are a few things not to like about him. For one, Wes Welker went to Heritage Hall. That means he’s a veranda and vestibule obsessed rich kid. He’s also best friends with Graham Colton. When you google “Being Best Friend’s with Graham Colton,” you get a bunch of pics of douche bags listening to shitty music from One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl.

Now there’s a new reason to dislike Wes Welker. He just got engaged to the 2005 Miss Hooters International. Her name is Anna Burns. Here are some pics of her doing what you’d expect a Miss Hooters International to be doing…taking photographs while wearing little to no clothing:



This girl is hot and everything, but don’t you think Wes Welker could have done better? He’s a Pro Bowl wide receiver for the New England Patriots. He should be able to land ethnic-looking Hooters models with large fake breasts in his sleep.

Then again, maybe I’m being a bit critical. Not everyone can date tall European fashion models like I do. Plus, Wes Welker is 5′ 6″ on a good day. He probably had to search Plenty of Fish with a 500 mile radius to even find a girl short enough to date him. What a loser.