Friday night in the big town: Jokes, diamonds, and baskets

What’s up, readers? Are you as excited as I am for the impending puppy bowl? Because you should be! It’s the one day a year when I can stare at the TV and talk in baby talk while others do the same thing! When I do that while watching Downton Abbey, people generally get really confused. But if you watch the show then you know why it’s so easy to make cooing sounds at your TV every time Anna and Mr. Bates are on the screen.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

February 3: First Amendment Friday with the ACLU of Oklahoma

We are a fan of the First Amendment here at The Lost Ogle. The First Amendment basically says we can say whatever we want about wedding videos and a million people can get all righteous and freak out about it, as if the whole wedding industry wasn’t insanely laughable anyhow. Seriously, take it from my forays into the world of bridesmaidery. Paying money to fancy up a contract is kind of silly. And making fun of it is truly the American way.

Anyway, if you head to the ACLU offices at 8 PM, you can see Jeramy Westbrook and our very own Spencer Hicks. Spencer has asked that you not wear underwear to the show because the First Amendment allows him to say that and also it helps him overcome his stage fright if he imagines you without underpants. And in this day and age, we’ve been so inundated with real images and whatnot that poor Spencer just can’t imagine it anymore. He needs you without your underclothes. It’ll totally be worth the stand-up comedy that ensues.

February 3: Barons Diamond in the Ice Night

I have to confess, readers, I don’t know much about hockey. I don’t think this would come as a surprise to you, as I say the least amount of sportsy things on this blog. In fact, I watch OU football for the tailgating and Thunder basketball to analyze James Harden’s beard. (I got this thing for hipster fellas with beards—James Harden’s is good, not as good as my boyfriend’s.) But I have to say, I really want to go to a Baron’s game tonight, and again, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the sport!

Tonight, the Barons and Mitchell’s Jewelry are giving away a diamond. They’re going to distribute 5,000 ring boxes to fans as they come in the Cox Convention Center, and one of those fans will walk away with a certificate for a diamond from Micthell’s Jewelry, valued at $3,000. And, if a Barons game is anything like the Mighty Ducks movies, then you readers are in for a treat! I hope Emilio Estevez really shapes up our Barons!

February 5: Basket Weaving at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

When I started college back in the day in 2004 when you had to have a college email to use Facebook (the good old days), people accused me of taking basket weaving, albeit in the underwater form. This was not the case. Poetry and acting classes are far from basket weaving, though all three are truly noble art forms that people with petroleum engineering degrees will never truly appreciate. They can have their jobs that start out paying $100K a year. I’m sustained by my craft and knowledge that my soul is fed by art. And by the seemingly random jobs I tend to take.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve woven a basket (since way before Facebook even existed). Back in the day in 1995, Mrs. Yellowfish would come to John Ross Elementary School and show us how to weave baskets. This happened a few times, I think first, third and fifth grades. Anyway, you’d make your basket and take it home, only to find that your mother got rid of all of them when you moved out approximately ten years later. So, if you go to the museum and make a basket, don’t give it to your mom.

That’s it for this weekend, readers. If you happen to be in the Concho area, you should stop by Lucky Star Casino to have your heart unbroken by the one and only Toni Braxton. Don’t act like you won’t be singing her song for the rest of the day. Don’t even try to tell me that you didn’t dance to that song in middle school at the KJ 103-sponsored dance in the school gym. Speaking of KJ 103, did you guys hear about the naked video of a local DJ that leaked on the internet?

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