From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You

Linsanity has taken over the sports world, probably because an Asian dude, who likes Jesus, is playing in New York and setting the sports world on fire with his turnovers scoring, distributing and game winning shots. Though not everyone is happy about the attention Mr. Harvard is receiving. Probably because he is an Asian dude, who likes Jesus, and is playing in New York.

Jeremy Lin is Tim Tebow. Except he’s actually good at the sport he plays. Plus, Lin can’t drive, scoffs at customer service and is good at math.

Yeah, I can’t do this without racial stereotyping.

Which brings me to this – why is it OK to make fun of Asians? Don’t get me wong, I am as guilty as the next white guy with a semi-regular blog column. But what PC god mandated that we can’t make fun of black people, or women, or gays. But Asians? Sure! What the hell!! It was probably Obama.

OU beat OSU at Lloyd-Noble in Bored-lam Bedlam basketball. The cheerleaders, ushers and crickets all said it was a well-played game. It should be noted the cheerleaders, ushers and crickets were blind.

The Thunder are looking good. I would say more about that, but this site has probably reached its quota of Thunder over-coverage for the week.

OU co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvell is just a pretty face. The former worst offensive coordinator in the country (see UCLA 2007) and current Stoops BFF forgot how to use his computer and committed a couple of minor recruiting violations by trying to be hip and offer a couple of high school kids a scholarship via twitter, giving more credence to the Sooners’ end of season collapse on both sides of the ball.

This would not have happened if the world had a device where you can physically talk to someone without them being next to you. One of these days, someone will invent such a device that will allow you converse with someone who lives in another city without having to visit said city. How that will change the world! I know, I know … and one day we will have flying cars and the Cubs will win the World Series.