Here’s what Thunder employees are telling us about Thunderstruck

A few weeks back, I wrote about the new Kevin Durant movie Thunderstruck. I mentioned how terrible of an idea it was, and how one of my friend’s in the Thunder organization said it was going to be a piece of shit. Here’s a clip of the move that Royce posted at

Let me clarify my stance on this film. KD making a movie for kids isn’t a bad idea. Kids will watch anything, so it doesn’t matter if the movie is shitty or not. Plus, KD seems to be a cool, friendly guy and this movie will help perpetuate that image.

What irritates me a bit is how the Thunder organization is so vigilant about protecting their brand. According to Thunder employees, my last post about this movie apparently caused someone in the Thunder organization to send out an email about “being careful who you talk to.” That’s why I decided to get some quotes from the people who helped make this movie happen. Here they are:

Matt Vaughn, Thunder Floor Emcee: “This movie is going to be so awesome!  It will make me a movie star! I’ll be the most popular arena emcee on the planet. And if I appear in more than five minutes of footage, my friends at MidFirst Bank will give me $100.”

Gay Asian Stormchaser: “This movie is going to be so awesome!!! Rah Rah!!! Go Thunder!!! Hi Five!!! Go Thunder.”

Kelly Crull, Thunder TV Sideline Reporter: “They let me work as a make-up artist on the film!  Considering I literally apply tons of make-up to my own face, this was a natural fit. It was a lot of work bleaching everyone’s eyebrows before they were called to set, but I did it. The movie is really good though.”

Riane, Thunder Girl: “Since I have red hair, it was great being able to film indoors. If you put me in the sun for too long I wilt like Hugh Hefner’s junk. Also, Spencer Hicks is super sexy. Sexier than this movie even… but seriously, this movie is really good.”

Rumble: “Fucking A, bitches. I’m get to be a fucking magic buffalo in this movie. Top that, Sasquatch.

There you have it, totally fake quotes from the people involved. Maybe I was a little too critical of the movie in my original post about it, but it is what it is. You can’t be upset that KD wanted to try something new. It’s for the kids, right?

As for the Thunder organization, you guys need to calm down. Just because someone works for you doesn’t mean they no longer get to have an opinion. Perhaps you have some people on your staff that don’t like these kinds of movies. Perhaps they thought not making this movie was a way to “protect the brand.” Just because some might think this movie is stupid or unoriginal doesn’t mean they don’t love the Thunder. It just means they have an opinion.

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