Monday Morning Tweets: Pillow fights, Tebowing, and Bros

Hello again, boys and girls! It’s yet another Monday morning, and therefore time for another edition of Monday Morning Tweets.

I spent a lot of time wrestling with whether or not I should include the above Ogle-bait from your newly-crowned Ogle Madness V champion. On the one hand: Joleen Chaney and Emily Sutton pillow fight! On the other hand: “don’t be the creepy guy” is one of my life’s philosophies, and one day you’re writing about pillow fights, then you’re composing possibly disturbing yet surprisingly catchy songs to post on the internet, and the next day you’re dancing to Goodbye Horses. So the pillow fight is acknowledged and you guys can do with it what you will, but I’m moving on. This week’s tweets are after the jump!

Bob Barry Jr (@bbjsports)

Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure the athletic directors at K-State and Charleston didn’t “feel the need” to hire someone who’d been fired, but instead wanted the person that was best qualified for the job and also willing to take it. Many of the people who fit that description happen to not be employed at the moment, often from being let go at a previous job. That’s my guess anyway.

Deeda Payton (@DeedaPayton)

I guess the Easter Bunny isn’t up on current trends, because Tebowing was soooo last month. You know what people are doing now? They’re Draping. As in, sitting like Don Draper. Draping is a thing. When I was growing up, I swore I would never be the crotchety old guy that who complains about younger generations, but I have to admit that at this point I am about two minutes from screaming at someone to get off my lawn.

James Harden (@JHarden13)

I just find this funny. I do not know why.

Gary England (@garyeOK)

This week’s Dean Blevins Memorial Accidental Tweet Award goes to Deano’s News 9 colleague, Lord Gary England. It might be time for a station-wide Twitter training session. I find it amusing that Gary England refers to people as “Bro.” In my mind right now Gary England is walking across the Channel 9 studio to thank Kelly Ogle for “falling on that grenade for me last night, bro.”

Tony Jefferson (@tonyjefferson1)

Amazingly, Tony Jefferson has managed to distill a fantastic overarching twitter philosophy in just one short tweet. Like make me laugh, bra. Screw the other stuff.

Rusty McCranie (@RustyMcCranie)

Rusty McCranie is on twitter! This is the McCraniest news since I came up with the brilliant idea for a television program called Three Ogles and a McCranie.

I have a friend who has a huge crush on Rusty McCranie. Like, she thinks Rusty McCranie is the hottest guy on television. She is not in general, an insane person. I was flabbergasted when I heard her say this. Is Rusty McCranie hot? I really have no feel for this sort of thing. Ladies, help me out here. Should we all be trying to duplicate the “McCranie” look?

That’s all for this week! Follow me on twitter here. Good bye!