James Lankford is being persecuted…

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Rep. James Lankford, the weasely ginger, (though not one of the Weasely gingers of Harry Potter fame) is being persecuted for being a Christian.

According to a post on Newson6.com:

Oklahoma Representative James Lankford came under fire Tuesday for his comments about homosexuality, discrimination and the workplace.

After an impromptu interview with Rep. Lankford, the liberal blog “Think Progress,” reported Lankford said he believes an employer should be able to fire someone for his or her sexual orientation.

Lankford said the blog misrepresented what he said. He said he told the interviewer being gay is a choice and should not be protected from workplace discrimination. He said he believes the distinction lies in a person’s choice to act on their sexual orientation.

He denied saying that he thinks someone should be fired because they are gay.

“That’s absurd,” he told News 9 anchor Stan Miller.

The representative said he also believes marriage is a union between a man and woman.

So, yeah. Lankford is splitting hairs at this point. Implicit in the statement that gay people should not be protected from workplace discrimination is the assumption that they should be fired for their behavior. Otherwise, protecting that “choice” would be a non-issue. Also, I take issue with Lankford’s assumption that he’s being targeted for being a Christian, when he’s actually being targeted for being a bigot. By stating that he is being targeted for his religious beliefs implies that all Christians are also inherently bigots, something a lot of my Jesus-loving friends would most certainly take offense to.

Lankford also states that it should be enough for an employee to do their job well, and if they do, they shouldn’t need any sort of law protecting their sexual preferences. While we’re at it, we probably don’t need the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission either. Because all employment is solely based on one’s ability to do the work required of the position, right Rep. Lankford? All employment is inherently fair, right? I don’t need to be given equal opportunity employment rights because in this day and age, it’s really my choice to remain a woman when I could just have surgery to correct that fault, right? Maybe I’m playing devil’s advocate here.

All of this comes on the heels of the state senate’s resolution to uphold marriage as a union between a man and a woman on Monday. You can check out Lankford’s interview with ThinkProgress.org here. And then you can find my eighth grade English teacher and have her diagram his sentences to see if there really is a difference between what ThinkProgress.org said he said and what Lankford said he said.