Monday Morning Tweets: Oak Tree, National Anthems, and Classic TV Shows

Hello internet! It’s Monday again, which means that it’s time for another fantastic edition of Monday Morning Tweets.

That tweet above from everyone’s favorite fun-loving-country-girl-ridin-on-a-tilt-a-whirl is actually from last December. Believe it or not, I’ve actually had it bookmarked since then because I’ve been meaning to write a post about the video in question. For whatever reason, I never got around to it, so I figure today is as good a day as any. As much as I hate to re-embarrass Joleen Chaney six months later, I gotta do it. It’s in the TLO Blogger Ethics Code. Sorry Joleen!

The story itself is certainly no laughing matter, but it’s hard not to get a chuckle out of Joleen’s completely emotionless “Oh baby oh baby” and uncomfortable repetition of the word “rear.” Enjoy! The rest of the tweets are after the jump.

John Rohde (@RohdeOK)

OK, first of all Oak Tree isn’t even in Oklahoma City. It’s barely even in Edmond. Secondly, playing golf is something like that only like, .5% of people from OKC have even done. Is that really the best way to sell our city? Part of being a BIG LEAGUE CITY means being able to win people over by being ourselves and letting them enjoy the things about our city that makes it home for all of us, not just super-wealthy suburbanites. I’m sure that there’s a nice country club on the outskirts of Detroit somewhere, but something tells me that’s not really indicative of the authentic Detroit Experience.

Also, another part of being a BIG LEAGUE CITY is being secure enough in ourselves that we don’t freak out every time someone doesn’t gush unconditionally about us or even makes some jokes at our expense, but that’s a post for another day.

Guerin Emig (@GuerinEmig)

I don’t know what’s more surprising: the fact that Mike Baldwin is apparently an accomplished singer, or the fact that someone would describe something done by Mike Baldwin as “saucy.” If I find out that Berry Tramel secretly writes erotic romance novels, I’m gonna start being a little suspicious of the Oklahomans sports department.

Mark Taylor (@AddTaylor)

Definitely child abuse, but not that bad of child abuse, really. It could be way worse. You could name your kid Boner Stabone. Or “Kirk Cameron,” for that matter. Also: speaking of Clarissa, like every other person on the internet, I was reading Buzzfeed last week and I came across this list of “48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old.” And man, did it work. I feel old. Do not click that link if you do not want to feel old! Anyway. You know that guy Ferguson, from Clarissa Explains It All? The little brother? Yeah, he looks like this now:


Kelly Ogle (@KellyOgle)

That’s kind of true and kind of funny, but the real reason I decided to use this tweet is because there weren’t that many good ones this week and it allows me to make a fantastic segue. I bet most of you can see it coming already. Are you ready? Here goes: Speaking of multi-tools, it’s time for the Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins!

Dean Blevins (@DeanBlevins)

OK. Those are in reverse chronological order, so at 2:56, Dean Blevins’ son made that tweet from his iPad, and then twelve minutes later Deano made a strikingly similar tweet, also from an (the same?) iPad. As far as I can tell, there are four explanations for this:

1. Deano is writing his son’s tweets
2. Deano’s son is writing his tweets
3. Deano is plagiarizing tweets from his son
4. That is supposed to be some too-clever-by-half joke that I don’t get

Frankly, they all seem about equally reasonable.

That’s all for this week! Follow me on twitter here. Good bye!