Attention Metro Women: Beware of dressing rooms

I, like nearly every red-blooded American woman, enjoy shopping. There’s nothing quite like trying on clothes in a public place and then crying in dressing rooms because your boobs are too small and your hips are too big. And then it’s also nice to decide to buy something anyway and then put it on a credit card that you won’t be paying off anytime soon. It’s really easy to see why so many of us totally love to go to the mall and stuff.

But apparently there are more perils when it comes to shopping in the metro area for us ladies. And no, I’m not talking about what happens when people find out you shop at J.C. Penney. (They totally have reasonably priced undergarments and business casual options for when you work for companies that have a dress code but don’t pay you enough to buy the necessary wardrobe so stop judging me.) I’m actually talking about when this creeper dude slides a cell phone under your dressing room door to film you.


A metro man is accused of using his cellphone to secretly record women in a dressing room.

Moore Police arrested 38-year-old Gabriel Santos-Davila on a peeping tom charge.

He was taken into custody at the Daisy Exchange located at 2741 S. Service Road on Sept. 17.

A woman told officers Santos-Davila slid his phone, which was in a pile of clothes, underneath the wall separating their dressing rooms.

Police found multiple videos on his cellphone of women getting changed.

After hearing about the allegations, a young woman said, “It makes me kind of not want to go in dressing rooms anymore.”

Back in the days when Tan and Tone stores were open, there were holes in the ceiling tiles of the little tanning rooms. I have a theory that there was some sort of webcam situation going on, but I’m a little offended that my nudity has yet to surface on the internet. It’s like they didn’t think I was good-looking enough to record.

All joking aside, I’m definitely going to be looking for piles of clothes in dressing rooms now. And I have to wonder if this man knew that there are naked pictures of women on the internet. It just seems like a lot less effort, and you don’t end up in jail. Also, there are a lot of men in the metro area that don’t need to know how to get photos of naked women in dressing rooms (Chad).

On a final note, I’ve never worked in retail. But I feel like if I saw some dude chilling around some dressing rooms with piles of clothes, I would get suspicious. And, if I worked at a Daisy Exchange in Moore, I’d probably constantly be on the look out for sketchy goings ons, because, let’s be honest, Moore is a weird, weird place. And finally, if I found myself shopping at a Daisy Exchange in Moore…I probably would brag about shopping at J.C. Penney.