Lost Ogle Q & A: Comedian Rob Fee

I like Ellen DeGeneres. She’s made headlines in Oklahoma when she called Sally Kern live on the air in 2008. She’s started a record label and signed Edmond native Greyson Chance to it, after having him on her show. When the Thunder were making their playoff run last season, she had Kristin Chenoweth and Rumble on her show. She’s even danced with Mayor Cornett when he put out city on a diet.

I’m telling you all that because one of my Twitter friends is a writer/producer for The Ellen Show. His name is Rob Fee. His Twitter account is hilarious, and you should follow him. I recently asked if I could interview him about his career and the Oklahoma connections to The Ellen Show. He graciously agreed and you can find the interview after the jump.

Have you ever been to Oklahoma? If not, what do you imagine Oklahoma to be like?

I’ve been through Oklahoma a few times and it’s nice. My favorite part of being in Oklahoma is knowing that I’m no longer in Texas. That’s a great feeling.

Your comedy album, Grape Stomp, debuted at the number 1 spot on iTunes; how long have you been doing stand-up?

I’ve been doing standup for about 3 years. I did a lot of public speaking in college and in youth groups so holding the attention of a room full of 14 year olds is much more challenging than a group of drunk hipsters in North Hollywood.

Ellen signed Oklahoma native Greyson Chance to her record label, I imagine that he just followers her around and sings a Lady GaGa song when she snaps her fingers. Am I right?

I would hope so. I’m so jealous of these kids who are using the internet to launch a career at 12 or 13 years old. When I was 12 I was watching Full House and trying to figure out how to unlock Bill Clinton as a hidden character on NBA Jam.

Ellen is gay, and one of Oklahoma’s State Representatives (Sally Kern) once said, “Homosexuality is a bigger threat to America than terrorism.” After you are done writing sketches, do you guys find ways to unravel the fabric of American society?

I can understand her saying that, especially after the gay community blew up the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. I’m sure the CIA is keeping track of every homosexual in the country just waiting for another sleeper cell to activate.

During the NBA finals you were making hilarious jokes about the Miami Heat on Twitter. It seemed like you were rooting for the Thunder. Were you actually cheering for the Thunder or did you just hate the Heat?

A little of both. I love the team the Thunder have built and they, without a doubt, have the best fans in the league. On the other hand the Miami Heat were forged out of the same sludge that Sauron used to birth his army on Lord of the Rings. Cheering for the Heat is like cheering for Dolph Lundgren in Rocky 4.

I’ve been trying to get on Witstream.com for over a year now, who do I have to blow to get on that site?

That’s a mystery. I’m really not sure what their selection process is but a wise man (Hulk Hogan) one advised the best way to succeed is to train, take your vitamins, and say your prayers. Maybe that would work?

Which is the better show, Saved by the Bell or Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire?

Saved by the Bell hands down. I could watch Kelly read the phone book. She put the KAPOW in Kapowski. On a side note you should google Lisa Turtle. She apparently did the Sammy Sosa skin bleaching program and it’s not worked out well for her. Screech probably isn’t even interested anymore.

(Editor’s Note: I googled Lisa Turtle and am now motivated to train, take my vitamins and especially say my prayers.)

You write for Mandatory.com, Ellen, Funny or Die and a myriad of other awesome things, what else are you working on?

I’ve been blessed to be able to work with some great people and on some great projects. The Ellen Show is the consumption of my time now, so be sure to watch it and let her know how much you guys love me awwww.

I would like to thank Rob for taking the time out of his schedule to answer my inane questions, and for being a nice guy on Twitter. And seriously, if you like funny things on Twitter, follow Rob. And if you like sorta funny things, follow me.

If you made it to the end of this post, I would like to thank you, for reading.

And to make up for the Lisa Turtle picture, here is a picture of Kate Upton. You’re welcome.