MMT: Maybe Kendrick Perkins’ wife likes Edmond after all

It’s Bedlam week! Is everyone excited? I bet you can’t wait to hear all the recycled OU or OSU sucks Bedlam jokes at work this week. All I know is that after seeing the Sooners play Saturday night, there’s a good chance Mike Stoops literally murders one of his players by the time OSU gets done with them.

In fact, here’s what I tweeted during the West Virginia game:

Seriously though, does anyone else think the whole Mike Stoops act has completely jumped the shark? I remember when the Stoops brother first took over, it all seemed like a breath of fresh air for a program that had been taken over by complacency. I vividly remember Mike Stoops just laying into Ontei Jones during the Texas A&M game that Torrance Marshall won with that interception and thinking how awesome it was.

Now, to me at least, it all just seems so pathetic and forced. He is losing his mind literally almost every single play. He has zero poise. There’s really no effect when someone is going crazy all the time. I just roll my eyes at him now.

Anyway, this week’s tweets are after the fold.

Vanity Perkins (@VanityHearts5)

When we last left off, Kendrick Perkins’ wife was complaining about running into prejudiced people in Edmond. This resulted in a whole lot of defensive comments from Edmondites. Well, worry not, people of Edmond, this week Vanity Perkins wants you to know that she does actually like Edmond, except for the whole thing about how some people there are racists.

Also, KFOR is now hyping that Linda Cavanaugh well have a special one on one interview with Vanity Perkins on tonight’s 10pm broadcast. Coincidence??? Probably. These things are usually planned well in advance, so we’re not going to credit for inspiring Linda Cavanaugh to channel her inner Barbara Walter’s and interview Ms. Perkins. We probably won’t watch the interview, either.

Jessica Schambach (@SchambachJess)

In a “who is the most surprising person to have been a huge WWF/WWE fan” contest, it’s pretty much neck and neck between Schambach and TLO’s Marisa, who is an unabashed Mick Foley/Mankind fan (really). Personally, I was more of a Ravishing Rick Rude guy myself.

Lacey Swope (@LaceySwope)

I was about to make fun of this for being incredibly cheesy, but then I remembered that Lacey Swope is always tweeting out pictures like this and I know she can track me down and kill me.

Lance West (@lancewest)

OK, that Thunder girl really does look like Joleen Chaney, actually. It’s kind of amazing. But here’s the thing: here are this year’s Thunder girls, and in those pictures none of them look anything like Joleen Chaney at all, at least to me. What am I missing? Does one of the Thunder Girls has the ability to magically transform into Thunder Girl Joleen?

Rusty Surette (@rustysurette)

Snowman poop. I don’t really have anything to add, but figured it’s not something I could let go without making sure everyone is aware of it’s existence.

Dan Gordon (@DanGordon)

What a really strange question, Dan Gordon, but thanks for asking it! In service of this column, I recently searched the terms “fuck + Oklahoma, “Oklahoma + ugly” and “Oklahoma + fat.” That’s the the kind of investigative journalism everyone comes to The Lost Ogle to read. Which brings us to…

A bunch of random people on Twitter

Today the search is “Oklahoma + smells.” Let’s see what the good people of Twitter have to say on that topic.

The Jim Traber Loves Exclamation Points Tweet Of The Week!!!!! (@jimtraber)

This week, one of the topics Jim has decided to devote multiple exclamation points to is that he thinks it’s cool for a woman to try to kill (or, at least seriously injure) someone for the way they voted in a presidential election. That’s just what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they invented the exclamation point.

The Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins (@DeanBlevins)

Well, spill it, Dean! Aren’t you a journalist? I’m pretty sure “I know something you don’t know” is a tactic gossiping third graders use, not a way to report on subjects you cover. By the way, those make you go ballistic words were “Meet You by the Bus.”

And, a special bonus Deano tweet!

It’s really helpful for Dean to put the #sooners hashtag on a tweet that has nothing whatsoever to do with the Sooners. Clark Matthews told me he thinks Deano just adds #Sooners to everything as an involuntary reflex like Steve Holt yelling out “Steve Holt!” That sounds about right.

That’s all for this week. Follow me on Twitter here. Good bye!