Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week 13

It’s my final College Football Power Poll of the season. Might as well go out and style and lead off with OSU:

10) Oklahoma State Defense, Part I

The Oklahoma State Cowboys defense surrendered 44 first downs to Oklahoma last week. In response this week, OSU gave up 23 first downs the first half against Baylor. That is a staggering 11 first downs per quarter, or a first down every minutes and twenty seconds. At some point, the bend don’t break defense can only take so many jobs before it gets knocked the eff out.

And it did get knocked out, courtesy of a 4th quarter comeback against Oklahoma and Baylor gashing the Pokes Saturday to the tune of 615 yards, over 300 of which were on the ground. They lost the time of possession battle again. They allowed Baylor to convert 9-17 third downs, many of which were third and long.

It would appear that Oklahoma State is going to field a championship offense for the foreseeable future. But that means 7-5 when your defense can’t get off the field.

9) Oklahoma State Defense, Part Deaux

Perhaps a solution to the Pokes’ defensive woes starts with finding a couple of back seven guys who can catch a one-legged running back.

8) Landry = Landry

Just when you think Landry can’t possibly go all Landry again … he does. 22-40. No accuracy. An interception returned inside the OU 10 yard line. Bad decisions.

Playing arguably his worst game all year, Jones was flat. He missed open receivers by several yards. He threw one awful pick because he couldn’t read the coverage properly. He threw another pass directly into the facemask of a linebacker. Dude is who he is – a terribly inconsistent quarterback with a penchant for great quarters and horrific passes. And don’t give me this shit about the wind. He is a record-setting 3 year starting FBS quarterback with eyes on the NFL. Figure out the wind.

7) Oklahoma Defense

Oklahoma’s defense has played one historically awful game, a not very good game, and fine the rest of the season. Including Saturday afternoon, save one very bad bust. The Sooners gave up 350 yards on the road, including 3.8 yards a carry. They limited TCU to 3-15 on third downs. The defense surrendered 17 points, 10 of which were the direct result of bad special teams play and Landry Jones. No, the Sooners weren’t playing the ’84 Dolphins. But this was finally a decent defensive performance after two bad performances.

6) Bowl Quasi-Preview

Oklahoma and Texas A&M, Cotton Bowl: Better than average chance JMFF wins the Heisman. Sumlin used to work for Stoops. The Aggies two losses are to BCS #2 and #4. OU’s two losses are to BCS #1 and #6. The Aggies and Sooners have looked good at times, and bad at times. Should be a pick ’em (but it’s not). Potential to be the game of the bowl season.

Oklahoma State and Purdue: Who Gives a Flying Fvck Bowl – Purdue had to beat a terrible Indiana team just to become bowl eligible. They have a statistically below average offense and below average defense in a below average conference. A team that beat no FBS team with a winning record. And they fired their head coach. OSU may win this game by 50.

5) SEC Championship

Down the ball. Run up to the line and spike it with 12 seconds left. Don’t eff around and try to get cute and run a quick play to catch ‘bama off guard. You have two plays to get it right if you down the ball. You have time to conjure up a couple of pass plays to the end zone for a trip to the national championship. You have time to instill some composure in your offense.

But no, instead you sprint up to the line, on first down, and lose the game because you are rushing around trying to complete what was in essence a one route play and karma kicked you directly in the ass. Critics say Richt can’t win the big game. Fodder for them, I suppose.

4) Texas at Kansas State

C’mon, Sooner fan. Texas is no good. We saw that last weekend. We saw it again this weekend. They are a 5-4 conference team that isn’t good at anything. And when they do something well, like play a little defense in the first half Saturday night, they screw it up by giving up 35 points in the second, allowing Kansas State to route their sorry asses in Manhattan  giving the Wildcats the conference championship and a BCS bowl appearance ass kicking by Oregon.

The 40 acres was pumped a few years ago when Greg Davis was fired and Brian Harsin and what’s his name defensive coordinator were named as the new blood Mack so desperately needed to jump-start a stagnant program.

So how is that shit ass offense and piss poor defense working out for you? If Mack loses five games this year, he needs to resign.

3) “Hey Kramer, ever kill a man?”

Texas’ starting quarterback. Left without further comment.

2) Thunder

They are good.

All is well.

They made James Harden look like a fool. They have hammered a couple of bad Western Conference teams. Westbrook has made me look like a damn fool. Serge Ibaka is beginning his transition into an All-Star caliber player. The fact is early in the season, this team, along with Memphis and San Antonio (those dreaded big market monstrosities) are the class of the conference, each with a great shot at the number 1 seed.

1) What to Expect

Less articles from me now that football season is over. Which translates to a bump in readership. You are welcome, Patrick.