Friday night in the big town: The Nutcracker, crafts, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Well, Christmas is in the air, and I only say this because I’m about to tell about a ton of Christmas activities. No, there isn’t a single Christmas decoration in my home, and I totally bought Halloween Fruit Rollups at Big Lots yesterday. But maybe you’re totally feeling this season. I mean, the weather is about to get cooler and maybe you aren’t on the naughty list. I, myself, have bought some craft supplies for decorating this season and was pleased to find that Big Lots registers don’t make the employees check IDs when you purchase spray paint. Did you hear that, you OKC Metro hooligans? Big Lots has tons of spray paint, and unlike Wal-Mart, they don’t require a parent’s permission. Merry Christmas, you awful taggers who will be drawing genitalia on every building!

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

December 7-9: Oklahoma City Ballet presents The Nutcracker

Last year I went to go see The Nutcracker and it was a lot of fun. This was about the fortieth time that I’ve seen the Oklahoma City Ballet perform The Nutcracker, and it’s awesome every time. Last year I enjoyed it so much that I briefly considered taking one of those Barre3 workout classes. That faded really quick, but I still enjoyed the show nonetheless. And, full disclosure, unlike Black Swan, Natalie Portman doesn’t die at the end of any Oklahoma City Ballet performances.

This year, there are a bunch of family activities before and after the shows. You can decorate an ornament in the lobby, get your picture taken with Santa (even though I really want a picture with the Oklahoma City Ballet hippo) and there is even a Braum’s milk and cookies reception with the dancers after the shows. I had a lot of fun last year, and even made plans to steal a cute little kid who played the mouse in the ballet. If you go, I hope you have more luck stealing children.

December 8: Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar

If you’re like me, then you haven’t even come close to finishing your Christmas shopping. I mean, I did get a pretty sweet Boardwalk Empire-inspired shirt for my dad, but other than that, I’m pretty behind, as is my way every season. I have literally gone to the mall every Christmas Eve since I was 16, and I’ve even stabbed some folks! So, if you’re like me, but think that maybe this is the year to get stuff done early, then may I suggest that you go to the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar?

Look, as someone who once received a Ped-egg and OU washcloths as a gift, I can tell you that waiting until the last minute and then running to a major chain store generally means that the gift is going to suck really hard. Why not get some truly unique gifts that are all made here in the great state of Oklahoma? It’s all handmade, and I’m pretty sure you can find something for everyone on your list if you take a look around. And, for those of you who still aren’t swayed, there will apparently be a b-boy battle at this craft fair. Take that, Affair of the Heart!

December 8: Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Chesapeake Arena

There are a few things I hear that scream Christmas to me: My mom’s Frank Sinatra Christmas album, my older brother getting drunk on eggnog and then busting out the Mickey’s Christmas Carols LP of our youth, and my dad humming along to carols and randomly replacing every other word or so with profanity. That’s the Christmas holiday at my house. But those aren’t the only sounds I associate with the season. Any time I hear Trans-Siberian Orchestra, I know it’s the holidays.

The cool thing about Trans-Siberian Orchestra is how dark and epic their sound is. I know that’s a very vague way to describe it, but I’m pretty sure you don’t read FNITBT for my awesome music reviews. Anyway, Trans-Siberian Orchestra reminds me a lot of “Carol of the Bells” (and not the awful Destiny’s Child version where Beyoncé just can’t be bothered with getting into it). I like minor chords and such…though I’m not sure exactly what they are. Anyway, if hearing 27 renditions of “Santa Baby” makes you wince, then go enjoy Trans-Siberian Orchestra. You won’t hear some girl who thinks she’s hot belting out that lame song.

That’s all for this weekend, readers. Lay off the eggnog and have a great weekend.

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