MMT: Uh oh, Christina Fallin is hanging out with Desmond Mason

At this point, I think everyone is clear how this works. Local “celebrities” tweet things out to the world and then I write about those tweets, because this is 2012 and that’s how the world works in 2012, apparently. The future is now, people.

This week’s edition features such luminaries as Dean Blevins, Brian Bosworth, and Channel 5’s Maggie Stokes. Read them all after the jump.

And Mark Taylor jizzed. In. His pants.

Don’t worry, Mark, I’d do the same.

Did you see this story? These dogs are actually driving cars. After like two months of training. Honestly one of the most remarkable stories I’ve ever seen. Take seven minutes out of your day and watch it!

Do you have to love college soccer? Cuz, I gotta say, I am actually a massive soccer fan and I have never actually known anyone until today that loves college soccer. Even soccer fans don’t watch college soccer! I mean, maybe it’s amazing, who am I to judge? But it seems odd to think it’s a given that everyone loves college soccer.

Last week, in the MMT comments, TLO reader Carter suggested I check OUt the Boz on Twitter. Now, I grew up loving the Boz, so he’s always going to be my favOUrite, but holy lord, that Twitter feed. It’s like the worst OU message board fanboy you’ve ever seen, complete with capitalizing the letters “OU” whenever a word has them next to each other. Like he spells the word “OUt” like this: OUt. Because OU, yOU know.

Also, as you can see above, any time he notices the time ends in 44, he has to tweet that OUt, because he wore that number. OUtrageous, I tell you.

So this sign is intended for people who live in Antlers, Oklahoma, and own a pet snake, and want to bring it in the pet store. How many people could that possibly encompass? That sign is the most specific sign in the history of signs. And yet, it almost had to be the case that someone tried to do it, because why else would anyone put up a “No snake no” sign?

Oh boy. Run away, Desmond. Run far, far away.

A bunch of random people on Twitter

Today I went with the “Oklahoma Smells” route. Anyone down to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack for lunch?

“Oklahoma! It Smells like Nature” should go on our license plates some day.

The Jim Traber Loves Exclamation Points Tweet Of The Week!!!!!

This week, Trabes enthusiastically ignores the actual question and misspells the word “the,” but I’m sorta impressed that he follows Jim Gaffigan.

The Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins

Nicknaming a nickname is such a Deano thing. Johnny Football is now JohnFoots! Also, I know Dean is the percentages expert around here and everything, but 1/10 and 7/2 adds up to over 113%, and that’s before he included whatever odds he would give Collin Klein.

That’s all for this week. Follow me on Twitter here. Good bye!