KFOR has a social media problem

Last week, Patrick made you aware that KFOR’s Facebook wanted to know if raping kids was okay. The post in question has since been removed and KFOR has apologized. But, if you happen to follow KFOR on any form of social media, you know that this isn’t an isolated incident. Sure, they’re not always asking about rape. Sometimes, they’re using charged words to drum up page views and comments. And let me make it abundantly clear that we are the only Oklahoma media entity for whom it is okay to do that. We may break a story every now and again, but we aren’t a news outlet and there are very few out there who actually take us seriously.

That is why I bring to you readers a little something I like to call “KFOR’s Social Media Greatest Hits.”

Uh oh! It’s an * explosion *! I can only assume that the individual doing this was trying to make the word bold by using the two asterisk shortcut that works in Word. That being said, you need to make sure that formatting works for the platform you’re using, because it looks like little fireworks around an explosion. Either that, or they couldn’t find a good explosion emoji.


Now, we here at The Lost Ogle do this thing all the time where we take pictures of our TVs and post it on the blog. But if you do it for a picture that you post to Facebook, just know that the Timeline layout of Facebook will crop off the ends, thus leaving us with a terrible photo that doesn’t invoke the loving sentiments of The Notebook that you were going for. Sure, I could click on the image and see the full thing, but I’m terrified at this point and don’t want to see more.

But let’s move on to more hot button issues.


So, the commentary they give here isn’t so bad. But check out the commenter at the bottom. I know I can’t blame KFOR for having stupid people post on their Facebook regarding undocumented immigrants, but I can blame them for encouraging it.

This is a screen grab from my phone. The Tweet has since been deleted, probably because I immediately replied and asked KFOR what they do when they aren’t riling up the Tea Party wackos. It’s pretty safe to assume that if KFOR can link the issue of deportation with immigration in less than 140 characters, they are trying to portray an image that all immigrants are deportable, and thus do not belong in the United States. And that’s why jackwagons like Russell Reed make comments like that. But since you asked about #immigration, KFOR, I’ll tell you that it’s awesome. As the daughter of an immigrant, I love it.

Sometimes KFOR sits on two sides of the same issue.


Oh snap. Some people smoked something that grows wild in the state. I’m pretty sure that college exists so you can smoke pot. Sure, you have to take classes and stuff, but then, you know, you party. Also, I’m pretty sure the only bad thing about pot is getting caught with it. Seriously. That’s pretty much the only negative side effect. Call me a pothead all you want, but I have a creative writing degree so you aren’t saying anything that everyone else doesn’t already know.

Wait, so punishment for pot is stupid? It was a long time coming for her to get out of jail and you also think the sentencing was ridiculous? Maybe I was wrong about you, KFOR. Look, if you wanna chill later, I know a guy who can smoke us out. I only smoke joints though, because bongs aren’t ladylike.

And then sometimes, they ask for opinions that don’t matter when you take into account that science is a thing that is real.

What about this wasn’t pandering to the personhood majority of the state? If you’re against Plan B, then you don’t know what the regular birth control pill does, because it’s pretty much the same thing. But I’d love to see what Bible verses were typed in all caps in the comments on this post. Just kidding.

And then, sometimes they just say things that make no sense.

Is this why my boyfriend says we can’t get a dog? It’s because he’s afraid he’ll kill it in an angry boyfriend rage and not because we aren’t home enough to care for it? If I got a fish or a hamster would my boyfriend kill it too? I’m taking a poll right now of all the boyfriends out there: How many pets have you killed and are there some that are less killable than others? I really want a pet!

And then there’s this.

Ask about female Viagra, KFOR, and you shall receive. I really just needed a way to work “clitoris maximus” into a post. A bro fist to you, Kevin Bundy. Though your inability to correctly spell it makes me think you aren’t very familiar with it. Might want to study up, bro.