The 7 Best TV Commercials Featuring Thunder Players

Last night the Thunder played a crazily close game with the Hornets. Reggie Jackson and Eric Maynor basically saved the day, and some undrafted rookie out of Dayton decided to drop 16 points. If the Hornets weren’t the second-worst team in the NBA, it would have been called an instant classic.

Speaking of classics, with the Thunder having been in existence for 5 years, they’ve had a good amount of time to create some classic commercials, both on national and local TV. Who doesn’t like watching abnormally tall muscular dudes awkwardly try to sell you something?

So I thought I’d take us down another beaten path today and discuss some of the best commercials featuring Thunder players ever to hit the airwaves. To keep the list clean, each advertiser gets only one commercial.

You can see the latest commercial above, in which Kendrick Perkins is totally not reading a pre-prepared script. I like how he says we should “inbound” to Mitchener Ferrand, when, in fact, he almost never inbounds the ball. HA! Basketball jokes!

Without further ado, here’s the list!

#7: Basketball Never Stops

This one might not be to everyone’s taste, but it holds a special place in my heart for two reasons. For one, it features actual Oklahoma City locales in a national TV spot, finally proving that our city has actual buildings, gas stations, and basketball courts. For two, I was living in Austria during the lockout and it made me really homesick and nostalgic. Still, it serves as an excellent reminder that basketball can go on anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

#6: Russell Westbrook Says The Name of a Bunch of Cities

The concept of this commercial isn’t that great, but it’s fun to watch Westbrook struggle through the name of every single town in Oklahoma. You can tell they were running out of time by the end of the commercial, so he’s pretty much slicing through names as fast as humanly possible. And I like how he tries really hard to portray a fatherly image, mere months before he grew a mohawk.

#5. Russell Westbrook Misplaces His Glasses

For the most part, the NBA on ESPN commercials are pretty dumb. But this one was pretty good, because it plays off of the unexpected and shows that Russell Westbrook is capable of making fun of himself. I mean, those fashion glasses are ridiculous. Right?

#4: Kendrick Perkins Educates You About 1% Milk

I think the best part about this commercial isn’t Kendrick Perkins’ intense stare, or the awkwardness of him wearing a lab coat and glasses. It’s how easily this commercial transitions between orchestral movie music, muzak, and some heavy rap beats. Oh, and how his pointer stick is so strong that it can produce a puff of smoke every time it hits something. Perhaps he’s a Wizard? Well, maybe when his contract expires. (HA! More basketball jokes!)

#3: Kevin Durant Hyperizes

There’s lots of Foot Locker commercials to choose from, from James Harden’s “tearaway” ad to Russell Westbrook’s banana canoe. Nevertheless, Hyperizers takes the cake. Commercials can often come out contrived, but this one is just unbelievably cool. The song is almost legitimately good, and there’s so much stuff going on that you have to watch the video about 3 or 4 times to catch it all. Also Durant commands you to get the hell out of his garage.

#2: Kendrick Perkins Refuses to Sing 

Everything about this commercial is legit. We’ve seen the Thunder role players singing that “Norman” song for years now, and just when you thought the concept was getting played out, Kendrick Perkins saves the day. Then, Nick Collison breaks in with this really Wisconsin-sounding accent, and Serge Ibaka is reduced to saying, “Wow!”.

#1: The Adventures of Russell Westbrook and Ozarka Water

Okay, so this is three commercials stitched together with some extra footage. But that doesn’t make them any less incredible. The thing that I absolutely love about this commercial is that they continually find new ways to fool you into thinking something coming up will have nothing to do with Ozarka water, but in fact, it has everything to do with Ozarka water. Couple that with a very odd techno soundtrack and a contrived storyline, and you’ve got the greatest Thunder commercial of all-time.

Random Thunder Highlight of the Week:

If you were in the Peake for this one, it was a magnificent moment. The Pacers had hung around all night in a really slow-paced game on a Sunday, and the crowd hadn’t really gotten into it. Then, out of nowhere comes this block. From my perspective in the arena, it looked like Westbrook was totally going to foul Hibbert from the outset. But he somehow snuck outside of Hibbert’s field of vision and met him at the rim, stopping an otherwise sure dunk. The crowd volume rose tremendously, and the Thunder quickly put the game away.

Zorgon, or Zebulun Benbrook, is a baller extreme and OKC native. You can discover him @WTLC on Twitter or writing some hardcore Thunder analysis at Welcome to Loud City.