Friday night in the big town: Blackwatch Christmas, Jacob Marley, and guns

Guess what, readers? I totally went to see The Hobbit last night at midnight. And you know what? Staying up until 3 AM is really hard. The dude in the seat next to me totally slept from the troll scene until after Bilbo won the ring from Gollum. I’m probably going to be pretty incoherent today, and I’m fine with that. I have nothing on the agenda, except, you know, a final project for school. But whatever. There are only going to be 3 midnight showings for this movie franchise, which means there are only 3 opportunities for me to be the coolest person by proxy in the room.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

December 14: Fowler VW Presents A Blackwatch Christmas

Have you ever wondered if Jonathan Fowler of Fowler VW is actually Santa Claus? I mean, I know he doesn’t look anything like him, but if all the movies I’ve seen about men slowly becoming Santa are correct, any day now Mr. Fowler will have a great big bushy beard and a team of reindeer. He already has that giving spirit, you know. He’s giving away 1,000 vinyl records of A Blackwatch Christmas Vol. 2, a record of your favorite local indie acts performing some pretty sweet Christmas songs. And the best part: Unlike Santa, J-Fow doesn’t get all up in your business about being naughty or nice.

If you’d like a copy of the record, you can grab one at either the Norman or Oklahoma City locations of Guestroom records or you can get it at Fowler Volkswagen in Norman. And tonight, there will be a free holiday concert at Stash in Norman, and some of the artists included on the record will perform. While you’re there, you can pick me up one of everything in that store. And tell J-Fow we’ll keep his Santa secret safe.

December 14-16: Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol

The best thing about his season is constantly referencing the Dickens classic that introduced the world to letting poor folks die and decreasing the surplus population. Once in the seventh grade, I played Bob Cratchit in my English class’s production of A Christmas Carol, I like to think because I’m a great actress and not because I had the deepest voice in the class. I like to think this experience molded me into who I am. And I mean playing Bob Cratchit molded me, not the actual message of the play.

Chances are you’ve seen millions of version of A Christmas Carol over the years, and you can probably barely remember most of them, except the Mister Magoo version, which you watched every year on VHS. But maybe this is the year that you see a different version of the classic story. Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol runs until the twenty-third at the Civic Center, and is an interesting twist on the story about the goose in the window as big as that kid running in the street on Christmas day.

December 16: Fort Reno Christmas Guns Celebration

There are a few things that scream Christmas to me. Things like the smell of pine needles, baking bread, the sound of scissors going through wrapping paper, credit card debt and meaningless greeting cards from my car insurance guy spell out “Christmas is here!” in big shiny metaphorical letters. The only thing that says Christmas more than these things, are guns. And cannons. And historic military bases. Jesus may be the reason for the season, but firearms are totally a close second.

The events calendar for Fort Reno says simply this: “Share in a timeless celebration from German and American folklore with us here on the Post Parade Grounds. Cannons and guns blasting, snacks, story-telling and a visit from Santa!” Do with this information what you will. I have to say that I’m pretty stoked that the Persian-Mexican traditions of my family don’t involve firearms, but booze, and calling each other out for our failings. God bless us, every one!

That’s all for this weekend, readers. If you party it up, don’t drink and drive. And if you wouldn’t mind sending good thoughts my way, I’d appreciate it. I have one assignment left for the semester and it’s due at midnight tonight. If you want to come do it for me, that’s cool too.

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