Deeda Payton is moving to Austin…

Sad news, Moles. We’ve learned that Fox 25 anchor — and the 4th hottest women in the OKC news media — Deeda Payton is leaving for KEYE in Austin, Texas. According to her Twitter page, her last day in Oklahoma City is January 1.

Usually I get all upset and cry and eat Ben & Jerry’s whenever a local news hottie leaves for a bigger market, but this one doesn’t sting that bad. Let’s be honest, no one really watches Fox 25. Sure, I’ll miss her occasional tweets and ranking her in our annual hot chicks rankings, but things are looking good in the attractive news girl department. KSBI hired the pageant winner, KOCO signed the attractive chick from Israel, and KFOR even brought in something called a Courtney Franciso.

My only concerns are:

A) Who will they hire to replace Deeda? Since Fox 25 dumped their perverted old new director, I’m worried they will hire some dude named Colby or Bradley or Scott. That would be a mistake. They need to stick with local tradition and hire hot chicks. It’s the only reason we watch the local news.

B) Will I ever type the name “Deeda” again in my life? Seriously, this my be the last post where I ever intentionally write those letters in that order. Deeda sounds like one of Captain Kirk’s love interests from Star Trek or a character from Clan of the Cave Bear.

Anyway, as a tribute to Deeda, I decided to post some of the pics that we’ve acquired of her over the past few years. Good luck. We hope she enjoys Austin.

Those Jedi pics were obviously taken by some Jedi OKC’er named Aaron G. Randall. Check out his other photos, including wonderful nature shots from the forest moon of Endor, on his Flickr page.

Anyway, I can’t leave on a total dork note like that. Here are a couple more photos with some other local hotties:

See ya, Deeda. And one more time for the hell of it, Deeda.