MMT: Kendrick Perkins finally realized what the worst thing about living in OKC is

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday season. This is our first normal Monday Morning Tweets in awhile. I wonder if we can remember how to do it. In case you missed it, the last couple weeks we documented what Christmas-blizzard-that-wasn’t was like on Twitter and our year-end retrospective of Dean Blevins’ tweets.

So enjoy those if you haven’t, already, and then read this week’s tweets, which are after the jump.

Oh good, and here I thought people might overreact.

Seriously, though, that game sucked, and all season long I have not been able to stop thinking about something Carey Murdock said in our pre-season roundtable preview. To me it was the most interesting part of the whole conversation

I believe Bob is headed down the backstretch of his career at OU.

Recruiting is not where it once was in this program. People notice his staff no longer seems to have that combination of talent and ambition they had in the earlier era. Brent Venables was probably the last of the old guard that fit that mold. Josh Heupel is one of those guys, but he is still so young and unproven at this point.

The program is more closed off than it’s ever been to the fans and the media as well. Bob has a lot of power and he’s used it to create a bit of a bunker mentality inside the program. There seem to be a lot more discipline issues and key suspensions that are “university policy”.

I’m not saying Bob has lost control. In fact, he’s pretty much done the opposite. He’s taken more control. The loss of special in his special teams has been discussed a lot over the years and might be the best example of where these changes started.

It’s hard to put your finger on just one aspect of the changes, but things aren’t like they used to be around the Switzer Center. We may not always be able to articulate how the fire, passion and ingenuity have dissipated from the OU program and Bob Stoops, but a lot of fans believe Mike Stoops is someone who can bring all of that back.

If Mike doesn’t do that, Bob’s seat might actually start getting warm in Norman.

I dunno how true any of that was or is, but it does *feel* right, doesn’t it? And Carey is as plugged into the program as any. In any event, it doesn’t seem like this season changed things too much in this regard. The next season or two should prove quite interesting.

I was always wondering what the NewsOK commenters did when they weren’t online. Hey, speaking of:

So, if you haven’t heard, late last year, shamed by the level of discourse among their commenters, rolled out a new system intended to clean up comments: you had to use your Facebook account. Because then their name would be attached to it, and no one ever says anything dumb on Facebook.

It’s early, but how’s it going so far? Oh look, here’s a neat article by Carla Hinton about the first graduating members of a local Islamic school. What could possibly go wrong? Here’s the first thread of comments:

Awesome. A “Top Commenter” calling four high school girls terrorists, two people saying incredibly crude things to the original commenter, and another person making a comment that makes absolutely no sense to me. Never change, commenters. Never change. Hey, at least they don’t have a ranting Mike Morgan invading every few hours.

Aaaaaand Kendrick Perkins is officially an Oklahoma City resident. Get used to it, big guy!

Thanks for asking, Carson. I’m glad you value my opinion. Yes, your opinion is skewed, but that’s ok. We all have flaws, and yours is certainly not uncommon. Although this phrase really needs to be thrown in the dustbin of history, part of being a “Big League City” means not having to seek constant validation from other cities, celebrities, and magazine profile writers. It’s great to be recognized, and we should all be flattered and honored when that happens, but it’s time to lose the massive inferiority complex and be proud of our city for what it is, not because freaking Drake says it’s ok to be proud of it.

This year, I decided to start the new year off right, and search Twitter for the terms “Oklahoma” and “redneck.” Here is what we got:

The Jim Traber Loves Exclamation Points Tweet Of The Week!!!!!

Jim Traber, the most enthusiastic 7th-grade bully that ever existed. I can’t wait to find out how many exclamation points he uses when he says he’s going to take someone’s lunch money.

The Dean Blevins Memorial Tweet of the Week From Dean Blevins

I got nothing. 2013 promises to be one interesting year, folks.

That’s all for this week. Follow me on Twitter here. Good bye!