MMT: Kendrick Perkins eats at Waffle House. Of course he does.

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend full of Super Bowl watching and Super Bowl meal-eating and Super Bowl tweet-reading. It really is amazing how much better these Big Events are now that Twitter is a thing. It feels like you are sitting in a room watching the game all the cool and funny people you wish you knew in real life. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I live a sad life.

This is Monday Morning Tweets. You can find them after the jump. There will be no tweets about the Super Bowl. Mostly because I wrote this post before the game, even though you are reading it on Monday. I know, I just blew your mind. Technology is amazing. I hear Apple is even working on a telephone that doesn’t drop phone calls every few minutes. I’ll believe that when I see it, though.

I don’t know why, but for some reason the Waffle House seems like the absolute perfect Kendrick Perkins restaurant. I can just imagine him being a regular at one of them, always sitting next to the same old guys in overalls and talking about tractors. But he needs to be careful about getting too excited about Waffle House. Some things are more important, right Vanity?

Hey, speaking of Vanity Perkins, Steve Lackmeyer decided to live-tweet the city council meeting on Tuesday. It did not go well. In a series of tweets I managed to grab before they were deleted, an increasingly exasperated Lackmeyer let us know that yes, city council meetings are as boring as we imagined they would be.





Sounds fascinating. At this point, Lackmeyer wanted to bring in the big guns.




Personally, I hope Steve Lackmeyer continues to live-tweet these city council meetings. There’s very little in life more entertaining than watching someone lose their mind in real time.

This tweet, combined with one from meteorologist Troy Christenson makes me think that maybe the social media problems KFOR has been having recently are not in fact problems at all, it’s just that it’s all tailored for their audience.

It’s sad, but I can commiserate. A few weeks ago, a group of friends and I were out at dinner, and all of the sudden I realized that we had been spending the entire meal talking about various do-it-yourself home repair projects. I was like, “holy shit this is a conversation adults should be having, not me and my friends.” I have no idea what has happened to my life. It was like that scene in Old School where Frank is talking about how nice his weekend was going to be, since he’s going to Home Depot. I kinda felt like we should all bong a few beers to try and recapture the glory days.

Story of my life 🙁

This week I searched Twitter for the words “Oklahoma” and “crazy.” Predictably, most were about the weather, but that last guy down there has me curious with what exactly is going on in his life.

oklahoma crazy

The Jim Traber Loves Exclamation Points Tweet Of The Week!!!!!

If you think it can’t get any sadder than Trabes using Twitter to beg Larry the Cable guy to come on his show, then you are wrong, because I present to you Jim Traber using Twitter to beg to have his account verified.

Also, that account Jim was begging to be verified by was a hoax.

The Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins

Speaking of hoaxes, hopefully Deano will stop clicking on suspicious DM’s sometime soon:

deano phished

deano phished 2

That’s all for this week. Follow me on Twitter here. Good bye!