Someone left a backpack at the Sam Noble Museum

Norman is a city full of people carrying things. Students and professors have books and papers and laptops to schlep. Pedestrians and bike riders alike need an efficient way to convey personal effects about town. Thus, the prevalence of backpacks and messenger bags and large totes. I, myself, own no less than 4 Timbuk2 bags. Some ladies go for Coach. But to me, it’s all about that ballistic nylon.

And as I remember, before I stopped watching midway through season two, a plot point in the relationship between Sayid and that snotty blond girl on Lost, was a backpack left unattended in an airport. Such was the case at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History on Tuesday. Though, this happening was infinitely less dramatic than Lost, and didn’t string anyone along for years.

According to

NORMAN, Okla. – Authorities said the suspicious package reported at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History turned out to be a normal backpack.

Just before 2 p.m. Tuesday the museum was evacuated while officials investigated a reported “suspicious black book bag.”

OU PD searched the building with bomb-sniffing dogs and found nothing threatening.

The backpack was x-rayed and determined to be a normal backpack.

Well, there you have it. A backpack found in a building that is part of OU’s campus was naught but a backpack. Not that you can’t be too careful these days, what with the ridiculous amount of white powders that are showing up at buildings these days. But all’s well that ends well, right? I guess as long as your not the one who caused the commotion and got the museum shut down because you can’t hold on to your crap.

This got me to thinking. What if all the little unattended things we see everyday signifies something awful? What if tips left on restaurant tables were just drug money? (Okay, bad example. If you work in the restaurant business, at least some small portion of your income goes to either marijuana or pills that have not been prescribed to you.)

What if cell phones left on tables caused people to experience the whole ordeal experienced by Colin Farrell in Phone Booth? What if discarded Big Gulps were portals to alternate dimensions? What if parked cars were alien entities here to siphon resources from the Earth? WHAT IF LOST KEYS OPENED THE GATES OF HELL?!

Or, what if an unaccompanied item at a university is just a tough learning experience for a Gen Y kid who has probably had a helicopter parent picking up after him/her until fairly recently? And if you happened to follow this saga on Twitter, the best part was all the people confirming in the end, that the backpack was a backpack.