MMT: Which one of you got drunk and prank called Channel 4?

Is everyone ready for yet another week of surfing the web and playing solitaire and looking over our shoulder to make sure our boss isn’t about to catch us doing anything but work? I know I am. It’s pretty exhausting, but this six of diamonds isn’t just going to move itself over on top of the seven of clubs. You know what I mean?

This weeks tweets are below the fold.

The weird thing is that this would be the most coherent call in months on “The Rant.”

I mean, look. It’s not the biggest deal in the world or anything, but I’ve always found it weird when people, especially journalists who’ve made their careers being skeptical of people in power, suddenly use appeals to authority as a way to mock regular people.

No, basically everyone on Twitter who second-guesses Scott Brooks would not be a better NBA coach than him. But that’s really quite beside the point. If a chef fucked up my meal, I’d feel like I should be allowed to point out that the food sucks, even if I can’t cook. If a mechanic breaks the bob-rod in a person’s car, they should be able to object, even if that person knows so little about cars that they don’t realize a bob-rod isn’t a real thing.

And really, the idea that people shouldn’t second-guess Scott Brooks because they don’t know as much about basketball as him isn’t just an argument to silence those who disagree with him, it’s an argument to silence *all* sports fans. If I tweet that it was a great move by Scott Brooks to play Nick Collison more often, that’s just as much about me thinking I know what I’m talking about as me saying the opposite. As if Scott Brooks needs the validation of little ol’ me!

Scott Brooks makes tons of money coaching the game of basketball. He has an entire organization with its own PR department behind him. He doesn’t need journalists making fun of fans to survive. I think he’ll be ok.

I swear I was just thinking this exact thing the other day when I was watching the guy from Of Monsters And Men, but Ryan beat me to pointing it out.

Is that Walter White? Him spitting on us should be the least of our concerns.

I don’t know if you technically got hacked. It was probably more of a you clicked to see what person was “saying nasty things about you” or wanted to know “if this pic is really of you.”

I tweet about all kinds of things, Dan Gordon. Thanks for asking. But, instead of asking, if you’re curious about that, you could probably just follow people and find out for yourself.

Awkward Twitter Conversations With Linda Cavanaugh

At the moment I’m writing this, here’s a list of seven link-baity articles on the NewsOK homepage, none of which were written by their own reporters. Some might even call it content farming.

Lindsay Lohan packs 270 outfits for 90 days in rehab

Acupuncture, herbal treatments, massage — for your dog?

Man loses life savings on carnival game

Nike’s biggest shoe was for an elephant with a short leg

Read Martha Stewart’s new dating profile

Woman finds toad in can of green beans

Budweiser unveils beer glass that connects to Facebook

So apparently Selena Gomez is in town to film that William H Macy movie. People on Twitter are excited. This week I searched Twitter for the words “Selena Gomez” and “Oklahoma.”

selena gomez oklahoma

Oh… God… Abigail Ogle Really Is Going To Run This Town Someday, Isn’t She?

And now she’s friend with a member of the Boston Red Sox! Is there anyone Abigail Ogle won’t name drop? Obama maybe?

The Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins

Dear god who gave him a gun!?!

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