The Many Faces of Paul Folger…

Just like anyone, I have a bunch of strange / odd habits. One of them is that I like to have the TV turned on with the sound muted while I work. I can’t really explain why I do this, but I think it helps with my concentration. It also probably explains all the typos.

Last night I was watching the NBA Finals. When the Heat built their lead in the 4th quarter, my routine kicked in and I got out the computer, muted the TV, and went to work writing stuff for the Internet. About 30 minutes later, I glanced up and witnessed the following exchange between Rusty McCranie, Paul Folger and Jessica Schambach. Remember, the TV was muted so I couldn’t hear what they were discussing:

Did you catch them? If not, watch the video again on full screen and pay attention to Paul Folger’s face. Maybe you had to be half-drunk and alone on your couch, but I thought it was hysterical. I guess it was the first time I ever noticed the many faces of Paul Folger. Here are 12 of them: 

1salty paul folger

1. Not Impressed Paul Folger

1Diabolic Paul Folger

2. Diabolical James Bond Villain Paul Folger

1 meloncollie and the infinite paul folger

3. Someone Just Farted Paul Folger

1unsure paul folger

4. Suspicious Paul Folger

1Sing to Me Paul Folger

5. Sing to me, Paul Folger

1possessed paul folger

6. Jedi Mind Trick Paul Folger

1Had Enough Paul Folger

7. I’ve Had Enough Paul Folger

1Dreamland Paul Folger

8. Dreamland Paul Folger

1disappointed paul folger

9. Disappointed Paul Folger

1sleepy paul folger

10. Not Again Paul Folger

1shy paul folger

11. Shy Paul Folger

1 LSD Paul Folger

12. LSD Paul Folger

Anyway, if you’re bored this morning please watch the clip and let us know what other faces you noticed.

Also, this may be the start of a new series. Perhaps next week we can feature the many faces of Emily Sutton or Jaime Cerreta or BJ Wexler.