10 ways to look cooler while vaping an e-cig…


Dear readers, I recently published a post making fun of people that use e-cigarettes. I claimed these people were smug, pretentious, and dorks. The post generated a bunch of interest and discussion.

Here are some real comments people left on the site:

This is an abhorrent excuse for writing, journalism, or whatever discourse you choose to lump your childish musings under. You’re uneducated, uninformed, and far worse, a remarkably uninspiring writer. I shall rejoice the day you are eradicated from the gene pool. – G. Jordan

I’ve been reading Lost Ogle for years, and obviously, I love it or I wouldn’t keep coming back. But Spencer, FUCK YOU for making fun of people trying to quit smoking. I quit smoking after 12 years of 1-2 packs a day with the help of a vape. It was more effective for me than patches, gum, etc. Making fun of people trying to quit smoking is like making fun of a heroin addict for getting clean. You are a total piece of shit – Scott.

I hope to see another article from you after your jawbone and your saliva gland and other gland have been removed so we can see how you have permantly maimed yourself. Hopefully the bone and skin grafts take and you don’t scare little kids and have lots of people staring at you. – Jeff

You are an uniformed idiot… I hope you accidentally take a big ole slug of someone else’s smokeless tobacco cup! – Ginny

Sticking your tongue on a battery would be MUCH less annoying than the disgusting dip. Maybe you should try it! Or maybe, you should go ahead and stick your tongue into a socket instead. – Rach

I would like to thank the e-cig community for having a good sense of humor and not being hyper-defensive about their nicotine addiction. Thanks to their thoughtful comments, I have been taught that the storied history of vaping is a COMPLETELY safe, natural and totally cool alternative to smoking. In fact, the Surgeon General now claims vaping is safer for babies than breast milk.

Okay, that’s all a lie. I made fun of the vapers and now can’t get images of my rotting chin scaring children out of my mind. I guess the joke’s on me. I thought people would know that we like to have some good-natured fun at the expense of others. Usually, when we go after people in authority positions, dumb criminals or Dave Morris, no one seems to mind. With e-cig stores popping up all over the metro and their radio ads clogging the airwaves, I figured I would poke a little fun at the culture. And since the friends I have who use e-cigs have a good sense of humor, I figured they were all fun-loving. I guess I was wrong.

So on that note, I apologize for being so hard on e-cig users. You didn’t deserve it. But you have to admit that puffing on those things is kinda dorky. So, to help make up for the fact that I made fun of you guys, I’ve come up with 10 ways to look cooler while exhaling steam from an electronic cigarette.


1. Vape while driving your PT Cruiser


2. Wear a cape, and dress up like Snape as you vape


3. Use a Miami Heat themed e-cig


4. Vape while nodding your head in agreement with the editorials of The Oklahoman


5. Vape while showing off your Windows phone


6. Keep your e-cig on a lanyard at a Nickelback concert


7. Call your friend on your bluetooth headset and tell him how cool vaping is while vaping

big bng theory

8. Vape while hosting a Big Bang Theory watch party


9. Cheat at dodgeball while vaping


10. Vape while reading The Lost Ogle with adblock turned on

If you are going to wish cancer on Spencer, at least follow him on Twitter. @SpencerLenox