Why was Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wearing an OU Football T-shirt?

Rob Ford, the crack smoking mayor of Toronto, wore an “OU beat Texas” shirt to the gym recently. The photo was uploaded to Instagram, and then NewsOK.com patched together a bad article about it.

From NewsOK.com:

Oklahoma football: Under-fire Toronto mayor Rob Ford loves the Sooners

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has become well known for his affinity for recreational drugs. He also loves OU football, apparently.

At least when he’s working out. The admitted crack-smoking politician has been all over the media for his confessions of drug use “probably in one of my drunken stupors,” he said. “Probably approximately about a year ago.” It hasn’t killed his support, however.

“He’s human. We all make mistakes,” one resident told Canadian broadcaster CBC Toronto.

“If he smokes and saves me money, I’ll vote for him — even if he’s a bum,” said another.

That kind of support is enough to keep Ford out and about, as he was photographed wearing an “OU beat Texas” shirt at the gym.

As far as we know, Ford has no direct links to OU football or the university, except this T-shirt. Boomer Sooner, Rob.

First of all, that headline is a bit much. He’s wearing a shirt. Let’s not go crazy. I own a Redhawks shirt. That doesn’t mean I love the Redhawks. Also, the mayor has an “affinity for recreational drugs?” He wasn’t caught smoking a doobie at a Widespread Panic concert. It was crack, as in “I’ll suck your dick for crack.” Referring to it as a recreational drug is like calling “Two Girls, One Cup” an experimental art film.

Anycrap, I came up with some possible reasons why Mayor Ford was wearing an OU shirt. Here they are:

ou fan fat

1.) OU shirts are the only thing that fit…

Oklahomans are fat. In fact, the shirt he is wearing is a child’s size medium! We need to send him some Mississippi State shirts, NOW!


2.) He loves Josh Heupel’s offense!

Here he is auditioning. He could easily run the OU option:

3.) He can only afford shirts that are given to him.

Rob Ford forgoes his $140,000/yr mayoral salary, so he has to get most of his clothes from Goodwill. I’m just kidding. Rob Ford is a millionaire that uses his position to make even more money! Which begs the question, why not use cocaine?

4.) He doesn’t pay attention to what he wears.

Obviously, he doesn’t pay attention to much. But that still doesn’t explain how he got his sausage fingers on an OU shirt.

5.) It was a prize for winning a baby eating contest.

I think the Pig-Out Palace has a contest like this.

6.) It matches his skin tone.

Crimson and Cream seems like a good description for his complexion. Mine as well, now that I think about it.

7.) He won it in a bet with this guy:

ou crack user

8.) Even Canadians know that Texas sucks.

Perhaps he doesn’t care about the Sooners, but his hatred for Texas was enough to buy and wear a “beat Texas” shirt.

Rob Ford is a piece of poo, and even though I’m not a Sooner fan I think it sucks that this asshat is wearing a shirt that represents our state.