Kevin Durant’s phone was hacked…

Last night while you were either sleeping or drunk at a bar, Kevin Durant’s phone was apparently hacked. We know this because he sent out, and then promptly deleted, a selfie of him blowing out a big puff of some white smokey substance.

Here’s what KD had to say about the image:

So it was obviously hookah, huh? Well, let’s take a look at the quickly deleted photo and find out:

kevin durant phone hacked

kevin durant twitter hack

Did we mention the Thunder played in Denver last night??? Or better yet, played like a bunch of stoned teenagers in a basketball game in Denver last night?

Actually, I kind of believe Kevin on this one. Not only can you see what appears to be a hookah hose (which is probably slang for something dirty) in the background of the pic, but Kevin Durant is a regular visitor to hookah bars (which generally are dirty). Here are a couple of pics I found online:

kevin durant hookah 2

kevin durant hookah

So, I guess there’s really nothing to see here. Considering I stayed up late to write this damn post, that’s disappointing. I was really hoping it was pot or something cool like that. Instead, Kevin Durant’s just your typical mega rich sports superstar who takes hookah selfies. No wonder he’s single again.