Ride ‘Em Cowboys! About the OSU student who went on a date with Lisa Ann

I’ll be the first to say that life isn’t fair. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and some dudes get to go on dates with porn stars because they made mildly amusing signs.

In case you missed it, some OSU student named Matt McGann accompanied adult film superstar Lisa Ann to the AVN awards in Las Vegas. That’s the pic of them above. The reason? He held up a sign during Gameday’s visit to the OSU – Baylor Game that read “Baylor’s defense has more holes to fill than Lisa Ann.”

Here’s a pic of the sign:

lisa ann gameday sign

That’s an okay sign, but not the funniest thing I’ve ever read. It just isn’t very clever. If I were a porn star I wouldn’t reward that type of mediocrity. I’d go after the guys who make bad jokes on the Internet instead.

Anyway, Matt’s sign made its way around Twitter, and landed in the frequently tested for diseases lap of Lisa Ann. Being the publicity expert that she is, she reached out to Matt on Twitter, they became friends, and yada yada yada, he’s giving her a kiss on the cheek before she walks up to stage to accept her award for “Hottest MILF” and “Best MILF Release.”

On that note, I’m still trying to figure out why people call Lisa Ann a “MILF.” As far as I can tell she doesn’t have any children. I tried googling her, and just found out that she has had sex with Bow Wow… that’s right, this kid:

Ok, that’s an exaggeration. I used a picture of when Bow Wow was young. He’s all grown up now, and is in fact pretty handsome.

It’s a good thing Matt went to OSU, Lisa Ann likes to get Poke’d, but probably doesn’t want her man to finish Sooner. She couldn’t have taken a Baylor student, because a Bear would have to go to the AVN’s with a man. Since I’m on a roll, here are a few some other local Game Day Signs to maybe get you a date with a porn star:

“The Sooner’s line is deeper than Lisa Ann’s throat!”

“OSU chokes more than Tori Black.”

“Jenna Haze, I’ll pay yOU to take me to the AVN awards?”

Hey, sometimes you have to spell it out for these girls. Here’s one in case you’re gay:

“Trevor will you be my Knight in shining armor?”  (See, Trevor Knight is also a gay porn star)

On that note, I should probably end this thing. Kudos to you Matt for scoring a date with a hot porn star. Hopefully you had sex with her. Also, kudos to Lisa Ann for being cool enough to take a college student as your date. If you would like to see my casting couch audition, click here.