Friday Night in the Big Town: Film Comedy, Bad Pilots and Made-Up Laughs


Hello everyone. It’s Adam. I’ve just experienced my first 15 minutes of fame.

About a week and a half ago a created a video called “Full House of Cards.” Here it is:

I posted the clip to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and it took off. It popped up on, and HLN via a link on CNN. I’ve been called a YouTube and bored genius. People started writing stories intertwining the two shows.

The crowning achievement came Sunday. In the interview during Oscar’s preshow, Kevin Spacey brought up the video and said he mentioned it John Stamos.

Think about that. I, Adam Holt, have influenced a conversation between Kevin Spacey and John Stamos. That’s resume material. Heck, that is my resume.

Adam Holt

Education: University of Central Oklahoma


Do you know what the next thing that will touch that resume after the interviewer? A rubber stamp that says “Hired.” Anyways, that’s pretty good for an idea that I thought of right before I fell asleep. Here’s stuff to do!


“Insert Gay Character Here,” Actor’s Warehouse Studio, 30 N.E. 52nd St., Friday and Saturday – 8 pm, $15

Have you wondered how “Psycho” would be different if a gay character was involved? Neither have I but that hasn’t stopped the people at Robert JM Productions from testing those waters.

Other shows and films will also be in Robert JM’s sights. “The Flintstones,” “The Wizard of Oz” and “Lassie” will receive the sweet touch of homosexuality. Rumor has it the night will also see a gay wookiee, a bisexual elf and Ricky Ricardo’s gay neighbors.

I’m disappointed at some obvious omissions. I mean who hasn’t been screaming for a gay character in “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives”? Also, “NBC Evening News with Brian Williams” needs help from Neil Patrick Harris. Get on your game Robert JM Productions!


“Bad Pilot Night,” The Paramount OKC, 701 W Sheridan, Friday – 8 pm, Free

Ok, maybe the idea of reenacting television sounds entertaining, but adding a gay character isn’t your cup of tea. That’s ok, Sally Kern, because your friends with Little Tony Brain have you covered

Little Tiny Brain is OKC’s self-proclaimed funniest comedian/writers that may or may not write for this website. Well, outside of me. You see, I made a viral video, so they need to take a good look at themselves. Maybe I need to take a good look at myself. I did, and it was awesome.

Anyways, they will be making fun of the first episodes of your favorite television shows. The highlight of the night will be “Baywatch Nights.” If “Baywatch Nights” is one of your favorite shows, you need to take an aspirin and reflect on your life.

OKC Improv New Cover 1000

OKC Improv “March Madness,” Reduxion Broadway Theatre, 914 N. Broadway Ave, Saturday – 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 pm, $5 and up.

Boom! Look at that! It’s the triple crown of comedy! This weekend is the perfect time to laugh till you puke because OKC Improv begins their spring run at the Reduxion Broadway Theatre.

If your abdominal muscles are not too cramped from laughing on Friday, the Improv’s “March Madness” will double you over in comedic pain. There will be three doses of made-up fun to choose from. One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State and Everybody and Their Dog are on the bills along with some Improv students.

Concessions and a bar will be open to fill your appetite. Get out to the Reduxion. We all know you want to.

Honorable Mention: Saturday Cooking Class – Parmesan Crusted Salmon, Uptown Grocery Company

Have Fun.

Adam Holt and a musician and a freelance journalist. After years of trying, he has convinced mainstream media that he is a genius.