Friday Night in the Big Town: Film Row, Classic Rock and Shakespeare


Big news people! I saw Mayor Mick Cornett at Best Buy yesterday! He was walking around holding a bag. It was as if he was a groundling like us. There were no bodyguards to be found. I felt super special. I bet the Geek Squad gave him a tour of their van.

This begs the question, what does Mayor Cornett purchase at Best Buy? I bet he owns a Dyson bladeless fan. You know the ones, they are powered by “the force,” have a price tag matching a semester of tuition at Oklahoma City University and do a terrible job of cooling you. But that isn’t the point, owning a Dyson fan is a statement, much like driving a Camaro, eating Freshetta oven pizza or owning Beats by Dre headphones. He is the walking definition of high society and class, and must not portray anything less than the leader of THE “Big League City.”

I bow down to you Mayor Cornett. You may be in an intellectual and social atmosphere that the rest of us cannot comprehend, but you also demonstrate that you are a man of the people.

(Editor’s Note: You can also see Mr. Mayor playing trivia at TLO Trivia Night.)

film row

Premiere on Film Row

Friday, W. Sheridan Ave between Dewey and Shartel, 6pm, Free

It’s another fun Friday in the Hollywood of downtown OKC. I know what you are about to say.

“But Adam, you always mention this event!” Well, I have a secret for you. It’s what we unethical types call “Payola.” You pay me off, I make you more popular than you ever imagined. While we are on the subject, Del Rancho’s Steak Sandwich Supreme is completely off the hook. That’s a house payment.

Ok, Film Row does not pay me, though I will gladly accept donations. What they are offering is plenty of entertainment. Dunlap Codding is featuring the sights and sounds of New Orleans with jazz and Dixieland as well as Mardi Gras mask making.

The IAO Gallery will be featuring Oklahoma artist Erin Shaw while the Odd Fab Design Lab will show the works of local artist Jack Fowler. As always, a small army of food trucks will be present to make your stomach happy. If you don’t visit, the trucks will be sad. No one wins when food trucks are sad.


Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder

Friday, Zoo Amphitheatre, Starts at 7pm, $46 and up

Your wait is almost over. You’ve sat in anticipation for months, but tomorrow a smile will cross your face. Yes, you will see the one, the only, Don Felder live.

Felder, or as his friends call him, “Biggie F,” will be flanked by up-and-comers Foreigner and Styx, two bands expected to break through and day now.

Ok, like you, I don’t know who Don Felder is. Wikipedia says he’s an Eagle and I’ll take their word for it. Whoever designed the the grandiose graphic above must have forgotten him and added his name at the last second, as evident by the spectacular Helvetica font.

Here’s your chance to hear “Mr. Roboto” live, but it will not be sung by the original vocalist Dennis DeYoung. Instead a Scottish-born Canadian now fronts the band, which is the worst kind of Canadian. Also, how can you pass up hearing Foreigner’s “Waiting for a Girl Like You?” You know, it’s that song that goes “I’ve been waiting…..for a girl like you.

Yeah, I know. I really sold that event. Rock music!


Henry V

Friday & Saturday – 8pm, Sunday – 2pm, Reduxion Theatre, 914 N Broadway Ave, $22

If you are in the need of a good “Shakespearing,” you need to visit Reduxion Theatre. “Henry V” is one of the Bard of Avon’s most well known works. The play tells the story of Henry Winkler and his fight against reptilian aliens disguised as humans who are trying to take over Earth.

That’s not true. It’s about Henry V, the King of England from 1413 till 1422, being pissed off at France. I guess France has always had a reputation. Also, if the banner above is to believed, no one wore clothes. I can’t make any promises about the Reduxion actors. I guess you will have to attend to find out.

Also, it’s been proven that you think you are smarter if you expose yourself to Shakespeare. Seriously, they tested it on lab rats. Go do it. Do it right now.

There you are. Have fun.

Adam Holt is a musician and freelance journalist. He’s been waiting for a girl like you.

You can follow Adam on Twitter at @ArkansasFresh.