10 reasons to compete in the TLO Trivia Night “League of Champions”


The $1,000 TLO Trivia Night “League of Champions” resumes this week. As I told you, we’ve made a few slight changes to the format to make it more fun. They include:

•  Letting more teams qualify for the playoff
•  Shortening the qualifying period
•  Calling our qualifying points “Suttons”

If that’s not enough to get you to DVR Big Brother and play trivia during the next couple of long, hot summer months, I’m not sure what will. Actually, I am sure what will, but in order to keep this post PG-13 let’s not go there.

Anyway, here are 10 reasons to gather up your friends and have fun this summer.

emily sutton 5

10. We call our League Qualifying points “Suttons.” Did I already mention this? Unless you’re a fireman or basketball recruit, there’s no way other way in this state you and some friends can go to a bar and score some Suttons.

9. You played bar trivia that one night in college and thought it was fun. Guess what, it’s still pretty damn fun. Connect with your old college friends, the new friends you like even more, or even your dreaded co-workers, and play some damn trivia.

mj immune system

8. When you go to a TLO Trivia Night you have the chance to win a ton of cash and other prizes. Pretty cool, huh? Also, don’t worry. We don’t let Joel hand out his Happy OKC bumper stickers. If Joel sees one of those stickers on your car he’ll give you a discount to Red Carpet Car Wash.

7. You actually love Joel, Spencer, Ryan Drake, Louis Fowler, Wampus and Josh Lathe. Those are some of our TLO Trivia Night hosts. I would put me on the list, but I’m in a different category when it comes to trivia. I’m like that dude living in the secret tree in Game of Thrones last night. What was up with that?

6. Spencer needs the money. Speaking of trivia hosts, Spencer and his wife just had their first baby.If you thought Spencer has the syntax of insomniac, just wait.


5. You think you’re clever. We give teams bonus points based upon the creativity of their team names, unless, of course, the team name has to do with the immune system of a professional athlete.

4. Four Great Locations. We host TLO Trivia Night at four great locations. Here’s the schedule: Tues: 51st St Speakeasy; Wed: LOCAL; Thurs: Yucatan Taco Stand; Fri: Buffalo Wild Wings.


3. “I know all of this useless information. I wish I could put it towards something constructive!” Well, now is your time to shine, Nerd Patrol. This means you and Urkel now have two things in common. Ditch the suspenders, nerd.

2. Because you love money and trophies. That’s right, League of Champions 2.0 will get you not only cash but also an incredible trophy. Place it upon your mantle and be the envy of all your friends.

trivia yucatan

1. What else are you going to do? It’s summertime in Oklahoma. Get out and have some fun.