The DEQ looks like a fun place to work…

I guess people in the public sector like to have sex and flaunt power, too. On Friday, the Journal Record published a long expose titled “Sex and Sabotage.” Thanks to open records and some grainy footage from the Bass Pro Shops parking lot, it covered in bizarre detail the shady and sultry dealings between bitter Department […]

Mary Fallin received her first marriage proposal… at the Playboy Mansion?!

Last week, we received a really weird email via the Ogle Mole Network. How weird? Oh, it just contained old scrapbook clippings from a 1984 Oklahoma City Friday article about some dentist named Joe Fallin proposing to some lady named Mary Copeland at the Playboy Mansion. Wait! What? You know what? Let’s go ahead and give it up to Joe Fallin. […]

Monday Morning Tweets: Steve Lackmeyer’s Boom Box

I’m very superstitious and I find that if I wait until the second half of a Thunder game to start drinking beer, then the team does better. I assumed the same was true of US soccer matches. However, I finished a beer with about a minute left in the match, and chose not to get […]