Mary Fallin received her first marriage proposal… at the Playboy Mansion?!

Last week, we received a really weird email via the Ogle Mole Network. How weird? Oh, it just contained old scrapbook clippings from a 1984 Oklahoma City Friday article about some dentist named Joe Fallin proposing to some lady named Mary Copeland at the Playboy Mansion.

Wait! What?

mary fallin playboy 3

You know what? Let’s go ahead and give it up to Joe Fallin. Proposing to your girlfriend at the Playboy Mansion requires balls the size of a small moon or Death Star. It would be like taking your wife to Hooters for an anniversary dinner and requesting the waitress with the largest breasts. Basically, it’s a pimp move that even the Video Vigilante would respect.

Okay, so maybe I’m overreacting it a little bit. This happened 30 years ago. It’s not like it’s news or anything. It’s just funny to learn that Mary Fallin, a socially conservative governor from a socially conservative state who ran on a socially conservative platform probably had sex in the Playboy Mansion hot tub. I hope it was the proper temperature…

Anyway, before you crack crude, inappropriate jokes about hot tubs, state troopers and airbrushing, check out the article about the engagement. It’s a bit blurry, but it will give you more comedy material.

mary fallin playboy article

First of all, I want to hire a writer named Randy just so we can have a “Rambling with Randy” social column. But instead of focusing on affluent and elite establishment couples like Mary and Joe Fallin who had wedding receptions at the pompous OKC Golf and Country Club, we’d cover the couples who met at Cowboys and got hitched at the courthouse. I also want to call our readers Ogleanders.

About that. It’s kind of funny to see what other notable “Fridaylanders” were there for the orgy / engagement. The most recognizable name is Bill Cameron. He’s the Chairman of American Fidelity, one of the most powerful people in Oklahoma, and a regular contributor to Mary Fallin’s campaigns. He’s also the owner of the Tulsa Shock, which is about the saddest title you can possibly give to a rich person who inherited lots of wealth.

Another person mentioned was Paul Tatum. He made news when he was assassinated by the Russian mafia in 1996. Cyndy Hoenig is a notable PR flack and publicist with a son-in-law who shoots basketball shots into the wrong basket. Jim Quigly is prominent home builder.

Here’s the best part of the write up:

mary fallin playboy article 2

1. Mary Fallin has likely met Bruce Jenner.

2. Joe Fallin really wanted to give it to Mary in the grotto while swimming.

3. He placed the ring on a big rock and asked her to find it. Man, if only the Friday could have had a typo.

mary fallin playboy article 3

Here’s the page from the scrapbook where the Mole found this WTF info. It’s apparently housed at some women’s club or the Residence Inn that Mary used to work at. I’m not sure which one. If anyone can find the clipping about the couple’s alleged honeymoon on a Bud Light Party Cruise, email it to us.

mary fallin playboy

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22 Responses

  1. …That’s actually probably the most quasi-interesting thing I’ve read about Mary Fallin. Huh.

  2. Randy Fellers? What a name!

    The jokes write themselves!

  3. 1. Mary Fallin has likely blown* Bruce Jenner.

    *fixed it for ya

    1. I have heard that her nickname was “back seat Mary” in high school?

      1. No, it is not!!!!!!!!!!!! It is “mattress Mary” LOLOL

  4. This is awesome.

  5. So Joe wanted to pop the question in Lake Hefner. . .

  6. My name is Randy and I’ll gladly be the social scene writer for The Lost Ogle. I’m much uglier than the Randy in the news clipping so that should carry some weight for my application. I’m also a registered republican so I could get into all the douche-bag repub parties where the news is really happening!!!

  7. I bet she wore nothing but a headdress at the mansion.

  8. Well, at least they could have gotten the Chickasaw National Recreation Area name correct and spelled Sulphur correctly.

    1. I thought the area was known as Platt National Park till sometime in the late 70’s or so.

  9. I can’t believe you left, “he really wanted to give it to her in the grotto” alone.

    1. I can’t believe you didn’t read the post.

    2. Can’t even…

  10. Why does Randy Fellers look like Betty Crocker?

  11. Republican family values.

  12. Our name is right in the newspaper clip. It’s Quigley not Quigly!!

  13. Is it me, or is Hugh Hefner grasping a little too tightly on the recently engaged Mary?

  14. “So Mary, to prove my love to you I am proposing in a place where all the women are hotter than you and are smarter than you…”

  15. I may have shot a basketball in the wrong basket, but at least I don’t look like im smuggling ten basketballs under my shirt.

  16. I’m glad their life together got off to such a nice, wholesome start. And they said it wouldn’t last!

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