Tuck Fexsa: Longhorns busted by the typo police

TexsaSports.com 1

It looks like we’d be pretty popular in Austin…

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, news broke yesterday that The University of Texas had a typo on every single page of its football media guide. You know what that means? Whoever wrote the Texas football media guide has a very large dick.

Apparently, the Texas Athletic Department made the simple mistake of misspelling the name of their website. They listed the domain as “TexsaSports.com,” as opposed to “DumbEntitledAssholes.com.” As a guy who once put “Midfrist.com” on a postcard that was mailed to 150,000 Oklahomans, I know how that feels.

In a clever response, some OU fan threw together the website TexsaSports.com. Here’s a breakdown of the situation by NewsOK.com Digital Desk maestro Richard Hall:

If there’s one thing the Texas Longhorns learned today, it’s to never give Sooner fans an opening to mess with you — because they will.

Earlier today it was revealed the University of Texas misspelled Texas in the footer of every page of their Player Profile Media Guide.

The link should say TexasSports. Instead, it reads TexsaSports.


And one University of Oklahoma fan jumped on the opportunity to not only embarrass Texas, but to also troll its fans. And all he/she had to do was register the domain TexsaSports.com.


Going TexsaSports.com shows visitors this lovely message:

Sooner fans: Bringing the LOLs since 1890.

UT: Living proof that the world still needs copy editors.

You know what, I love it when a newspaper article about a typo includes its very own typo. That’s what happened in the third to last paragraph above. Did you catch it?

“Going TexsaSports.com shows visitors this lovely message:”


The Oklahoman: Living proof that the world still needs copy editors.

TexsaSports.com is a nice gag and good for a quick laugh, but what’s even funnier is watching everyone overreact to it. It’s funny, but it’s not that funny. Just check out what the person who runs the NewsOK.com Facebook Page had to say about it:

ou texas

Won the Internet? When you write a headline like that, I’m pretty sure you lose the Internet… or have a secret crush on the KFOR Social Media Bandit. Seriously, that was about as cool as rolling around town with an upside down Hook Em Horn sticker on the back of your truck.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what – if anything – happens to the TexsaSports.com.  I bet in three months it looks look exactly how it does now. I’m fine with that, because it will always serve as a reminder that Texas sucks.

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