Now Hiring: TLO Trivia Hosts


I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a while, but we’re looking a few new faces to add to our trivia host stables at the TLO Worldwide Headquarters in Valley Brook.

Originally, I planned on putting this “Now Hiring” article on Craigslist, but then I figured “Hey, I own a popular website that gets a lot of hits. Let me put it on here first.” And guess what. That’s what we’re going to do.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a job description thing, so I guess we should start with basic job duties:

– Ask trivia questions to teams of people at a bar or restaurant.

– While these teams think about the answer, engage in “banter” with your co-host about the question.

– Interact, engage and occasionally insult the audience

– Grade answer sheets and input scores into a fancy spreadsheet

– Occasionally tweet standings to the TLO Trivia Night account

– Be nice to the owners of the venue

Seems simple, enough? Well, it’s not that simple. Here’s a list of skills we’re looking for in the ideal candidate:

1) Have experience speaking into a microphone to a large, semi-intoxicated group of people.

Whether they are stand up comics, improv artists, theatre majors, or once hosted their own public access radio show in Colorado, most of our TLO Trivia Night hosts had some sort of prior experience talking into a microphone. Even if it’s just being a Karaoke champion, you should, too.

Also, people should be able to hear you when you speak into a microphone. If you’re a low talker like that lady on Seinfeld or your voice sounds like Berry Tramel and makes people want to punch cats, you probably need to stop reading this and get some therapy.


2) Confidence

Hosting TLO Trivia Night is a lot like herding cats… if those cats are human, arrogant, slightly toasted and think they are smarter than you. Actually, I think I just described a drunk cat. Cool.

It’s not always that bad, but being a trivia host requires you to be in charge and make difficult decisions. For example, if the answer to a question is “Small Intestine,” and a team writes “Intestine,” do you accept it as a correct answer? Difficult decision.

3) Be able to make people laugh.

Being funny is overrated. Thinking you are funny is where it’s at. Well, at least that’s what I say when I write for this website.

Minimum qualifications for “funny” include:

– Being the smart ass that makes the extended family laugh during Thanksgiving dinner.
– Hating the Big Bang Theory.
– Getting laid just because you’re the cute, funny guy.

In all seriousness, though, TLO has a reputation as being one of the 20 funniest websites in Oklahoma, so our trivia hosts need to be able to crack a joke or two. Hopefully you can.

Crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17

4) Not be easily offended

Have you seen team names people give at trivia night? If there’s a human tragedy that involves death and despair, trust me, people are going to make fun of it. Here are some recent, totally real, examples:

– Joe Mixon’s Fist
– Malaysia Airlines: Not only do we lose your luggage, but the plane too.
– Hey girl, do you have Ebola because you’re making me sweaty

And those are the nice ones.

free team trivia brains

5) Have an IQ over 100.

This is a trivia night. When you ask a question about the large intestine, it may help to actually know what a large intestine is.


6) Be honest, trustworthy and reliable.

This is probably the most important quality to have. You could be love child of Alex Trebek, Mitch Hedberg and the Pope, but if you call in sick a lot, run late, can’t work a consistent schedule, etc, you should probably apply to work at Braum’s.


7) Have access to a reliable notebook computer with a program called “Excel.”

We host four rounds of trivia with 10 questions per round. Correct answers in Rounds 1 & 2 are worth 3-points. Correct answers in Rounds 3 & 4 are worth 6-points. Do you want to tally up those scores with an abacus. Probably not.

patrick TLO autograph

8) Enjoy trivia groupies.

It’s the price of fame.

If you read all that and are still interested, here’s a here’s a Q&A:

Where do you host trivia? We host trivia four nights a week. More details about our locations and format are located here.

How much do I get paid? It depends on several factors. Qualifications, how many times you host, availability, etc.

How often would I host? It depends, but probably once or twice a week.

How do apply? Send us an email to Be sure to include your background, availability, relevant experience, and why you want to host. If you seem like a good fit, we’ll get in touch.