Friday Night in the Big Town: Barons Night, Whad’ya Know? and a Deadly Barber

Is it weird to anyone else that the internet is old enough to have nostalgia? I mean, Windows 95 is now the Nintendo Entertainment System of operating systems. Like Nintendo did with home video games, Windows 95 brought internet to the mainstream. The suspense you felt as you listened to the dial-up sound, praying you would connect on the first try was the same as hoping Zelda would load without blowing into the cartridge.

I admit it, i miss flying toaster screen savers, Space Cadet Pinball, and hell, even this sound. Today we are annoyed when Angry Birds takes more than 15 seconds to install from internet that appears out of thin air, but then I would watch the Netscape lighthouse spin, hoping that my 28.8k modem could load the Hamster Dance in 30 seconds to a minute.

Anyways, I guess what this all means is that I’m older, but there was something about the wait of slower internet that made things special, much like how making a mix cassette tape involved some time and passion, unlike sharing a playlist. Oh well, if you need me I’ll be watching a choppy version of Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” video while playing Minesweeper.


OKC Barons vs. Texas Stars – American Hockey League

Fri – 7pm, Cox Convention Center – 1 Myriad Gardens, $10-$36

So you want to enjoy a sports team whose season still means something? The Barons just started their fifth season in Oklahoma City, and if past success is can be used as prediction, their four straight playoff appearances means they have plenty to play for. Plus, the have $2 beer and $1 hot dogs on Friday nights.

Tonight they face the Texas Stars, current AHL champions and un-creatively named affiliate of the Dallas Stars. They should have stuck with their old name, the Iowa Chops, even the “Iowa.” If they won’t, I will.

It may not be the Red River Rivalry down in the Cotton Bowl, but when the Canadians on the Barons and the Iowa Chops get together, hockey on the Southern Plains wins. Go out to the Cox Convention Center and watch some rage in the rink.


Michael Feldman’s Whad’ya Know?

Sat – 9:30am, Oklahoma City Community College

Patrick may have written about this earlier this week for some reason. If you want to be in the state’s largest NPR gathering since the Car Talk guys drag raced at Thunder Alley, this is the place to be. Special guests include Cattlemen’s Restaurant and Patrick from this very website. I guess the Pioneer Women turned them down.

 real sweeney

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sat – 11pm, Reduxion Theatre – 914 N. Broadway Ave., Ste. 120, $24.80

After tomorrow night’s Halloween Parade, Reduxion Theatre is performing “Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” at a discounted price. Tickets cost $24.80 (ticket + service fee) rather than the usual $32.04.

The play is about a barber who’s really bad at his job. Actually, I haven’t seen the play or film, and my only exposure was in the episode of “The Office” when Andy Bernard was in the cast of a Scranton production. So my knowledge comes from a fake documentary about a fake paper company in Pennsylvania that was based on a fake documentary about a fake paper company in England. I know my stuff.

Rumor has it Johnny Depp will make an appearance as the title character. That rumor began in the last sentence and is completely false. Still, Reduxion always does a solid job so go watch a bloody play.

Adam Holt is a musician and freelance journalist. He wears a prosthetic forehead on his real head.

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