Tony Casillas is finally out at 107.7 The Franchise…

tony casillas

When 107.7 The Franchise launched last fall, their big hire was former Sooner great Tony Casillas. Matched up in the afternoon drive against Traber and Eschbach on The Sports Animal, he was going to bring a different style of sports talk to Oklahoma City radio. As billboards and bus benches around town told us, it was going to be some “Sports Talk with Balls.”

Unfortunately, someone forgot to put some air in those balls, because Tony Casillas was incredibly flat. He had the energy of a Koala and the vocabulary of a football player. His radio show was about as fun as wearing wet socks. If Regular Jim Traber is the radio equivalent to watching a train wreck, then Tony Casillas is like being stopped at a railroad crossing during rush hour in Edmond.

With Casillas now going back to living off the millions he made as a professional athlete, The Franchise has made some changes to their lineup and moved some people around. The most noticeable is promoting former Oklahoma State offensive lineman Sam Mayes to the coveted 3pm – 6pm slot.

Yes, you read that right, the flagship radio station for Sooner athletics is going to have an OSU homer lead their programming. As Mike Gundy would say, that makes me wanna puke.

Here is Sam’s tweet about the news:

Uhm, his Twitter handle is “All American” Mayes. Just like the other former OSU football player with a sports radio show, it looks like Sam does a good job living in the past. I wonder if he was also a star minor league baseball player? Does he know how to properly break-in a baseball mitt? I hope he never gets catfished on Twitter.

In all honesty, I think this is a good move. Sam Mayes and his cohorts do a pretty decent job. You can tell they have fun, do their research and watch a lot of porn. They realize that sports radio is as much about entertainment and controversy than it is providing insight or sports analysis.

That being said, Sam hasn’t faced a challenge like this since he played OU in 2003. The Sports Animal has the brand, familiarity and the canker sore of sports radio hosts in Regular Jim Traber. He’s tough to beat. What would you rather listen to? A couple of guys and a girl crack jokes about a story they just read on DeadSpin, or an angry fat man get in a fight with Matt Pinto and whine and cry like a heartbroken teenage girl whenever a college football coach doesn’t respond to his text messages?

With Casillas now gone, his co-host Zach McCrite is being moved to the mid-mornings where he’ll square off against Bob Barry Jr., Pat Jones and Running Girl. That should be a fun battle. Haha. Just kidding.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what other moves the Franchise makes. I still think they have potential to compete with The Sports Animal, but it’s going to take some balls. Getting rid of a bad hire was a step in the right direction.