They caught another evil marijuana grower

john kuester

Let the children out to play. The streets are safe again, Oklahoma.

Earlier this week, Oklahoma City police busted John Kuester for growing 13 marijuana plants in his garage. According to KOCO, this is apparently a big deal because John is also the president of a local neighborhood association:

The president of the Voluntary Neighborhood Association of the Will Rogers Park area is in trouble for growing marijuana inside his house.

Oklahoma City police said an anonymous tip led officers to the house near Northwest 36th Street and North May Avenue, and when they questioned John Kuester about the illegal grow, he asked if they wanted to see it.

Well, that’s a dick move. Who ratted the guy out? It obviously wasn’t one of his friends, because they probably enjoyed all the free weed they could smoke. I bet it was one of his neighbors:

“Hey, you know that guy next door who has all the good weed?”


“Let’s call the cops and bust his ass!”

“Awesome! That’s a great idea! Marijuana is a dangerous drug and he should go to jail. Now hand me that bottle of whiskey…”

Here’s the rest of the story:

The police report gives a detailed account of the bust, and describes Kuester being very pleasant and cooperative.

Officers said they found 13 marijuana plants, and other tools needed for growing, inside his garage.

Kuester wouldn’t talk on camera, but did tell police and KOCO 5 News he was growing it for his own personal use to manage pain.

The Neighborhood Association president also said he felt very embarrassed, and was sorry for disappointing his family and friends.

The Neighborhood Alliance said it’s possible that he will also be voted out, and the association will re-elect someone else as president.

Dude, you don’t need to apologize at all. The people that should be doing that are the politicians, law enforcement officials and the morality police for making it a criminal activity to have marijuana plants in your garage. Was he probably selling some green on the side for profit, or even giving it to friends? Yeah, but guess what. Who cares?! It’s his own home and his own body! Let him do what he wants. The fact that he uses marijuana doesn’t suddenly turn him into a menace to society. Make the stuff legal, you assholes, and let people like John go back to organizing the “Yard of the Month” club.