Downtown parking lots make a lot of money


It’s not uncommon for me to pull a jacket or pair of jeans out of my closet that I haven’t worn in a while only to find a $5 bill in the pocket. That’s my threshold for losing money though. Anything more than $5 and I notice it. Maybe that makes me cheap, but I like to think it makes me fiscally responsible. Oh, and I also have a habit of quitting day jobs on a whim when I’m not 100% happy, so I’m totally always broke.

I’ve always wondered how easily money can be lost when it comes to a company that has a ton of money. Like Apple, Berkshire Hathaway and General Electric probably have millions just chilling in some metaphorical pockets in the back of the closet. But you know who for reals lost almost half a million dollars before even noticing? A parking lot in Downtown OKC.

According to

A downtown parking lot attendant is accused of ripping off the city.

An audit released this week to the city council details the alleged theft.

The suspect is accused of embezzling nearly a half million dollars.

“When people have access to cash, sometimes they give into temptation,” said Oklahoma City councilman David Greenwell.

Greenwell, CPA and certified fraud examiner himself, says the theft had been going on for years.

According to the city audit, the employee stole $80,000 in 2012, $55,000 the next year and more than $283,000 last year.

That comes to a total of more than $419,000.

Can we talk about how much money parking in Downtown OKC makes? Can we also talk about how crappy so many of those lots are? If some dude was able to steal $80,000 in 2012, why did I have to park on gravel the last time I was in Downtown OKC? Then again, if they lose that much money, how can they even afford to pay people to take my money in the parking lot? How can they even fix this?

To prevent future crimes, the company has committed to more frequent audits and additional oversight on the custody of cash.

Oh, good plan. Though, you know, once someone steals $419,000, it may be a little too late.

Anyway, if this story tells us anything, it’s that we need to rise up and overthrow the paid parking scam in Downtown OKC. Any company that can lose that much over the course of 3 years is probably some evil capitalist enterprise that must be destroyed. People of Oklahoma City unite! You have nothing to lose but the ridiculous $10 fees to park in a place that is kind of terrifying to walk to after a late Thunder game!