Some writer for Popular Mechanics tried to flatter Emily Sutton

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It’s sad what some pathetic men will do to get a girl’s attention.

In a feeble attempt to woo Weather Princess Emily Sutton, some schmucky writer named Alexander George tried to portray her as a badass storm chaser for a Q&A in this month’s issue of Popular Mechanics:

What ‘Twister’ Didn’t Tell You About Storm Chasers.”

Based in Oklahoma, KFOR’s Emily Sutton is part of a special league of storm chasers. It’s a region that sees frequent and intense tornadoes. She was on the ground for the infamous and lethal May 2013 tornado outside of Moore, Oklahoma. She grew up seeing thunderstorms, but, she says, seeing Twister at a tender age solidified her affection for this profession.

Emily Sutton is part of a “special league of storm chasers?” Haha, yeah right. I hate to break this to Alexander, but Emily is as well-known for storm chasing as Chelino’s is for their hamburgers. Her two most memorable storm chasing moments involved nearly dying in a storm and orgasmically yelling out Mike Morgan’s name. Hell, I don’t even think she knows how to operate a Gentner.

You could tell the guy was in love with Emily and trying to schmooze and flatter her from the very first question. Emily wasn’t having any of it. She toyed with reporter and even lied to him…

Did you get into this after Twister, or before?

I’m a little different from other meteorologists who say, “I wanted to be a meteorologist since I was little.” I didn’t know until college, but looking back I’ve always been fascinated by the weather. So then when Twister came out, I was at the age where I was interested and terrified at the same time. I think I was in fifth grade when it came out. Something that starts with fear can turn into an interest, and in my case, turn into a career.

I watched it obsessively when it first came out, and then there was a drop when I didn’t watch it. And then I watched it after going to meteorology school and I was like, “ooh I understand all of the lingo.” And then I was like, “Oh wow, a lot of this is wrong.”

Wow, Emily lied to the guy and he didn’t even notice! That’s funny. As we’ve been reminded over the years, Emily’s dreamed of being a morning TV meteorologist ever since she was a little girl. She’s proof that dreams do come true!!!

Seriously man, do your research and don’t bother Emily with dumb questions. She has weather songs to sing!

He somehow followed that question with an even dumber one:

Are there a lot of inaccuracies in [Twister?]

At that point, Emily probably should have stopped the interview and filed a restraining order. Are there a lot of inaccuracies in Twister? Did he really ask that? What’s his next question? Are there really pots of gold at the end of rainbows? Instead of lying to the guy again and saying something like “Twister is the most accurate science disaster film in history,” which would have been funny, Emily gave a proper answer:

Yes. Most actual storm chasers laugh at it, real meteorologists laugh at it, and no, it’s not that realistic, but at the same time I still love it. My life is Anchorman and Twister.

I heard that the KFOR and the News 9 weather departments had a street fight in an alley in Bricktown a few months ago. I guess Emily’s answer confirms it.

Anyway, you can check out the entire Q&A by clicking here. Once again, it’s kind of sad to see a man try to flatter Emily in an effort to impress and woo her, but if you read this site regularly, it’s something you’re already used to.