10 best places for a first date in OKC


I’m not a single lady. In fact, a lot of the folks here at TLO headquarters are shacked up and monogamous. It’s weird if you think about it. Shouldn’t we be alone in our parents’ basements writing terrible things about people? Well, turns out there’s someone for everyone. Anyway, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve gone on a first date. In fact, the last one was so long ago that I was wearing a denim mini golf skirt, and it wasn’t even out of style.

But I got to thinking this past week. There isn’t a definitive guide for first dates in the OKC area. What are you supposed to do to show someone that you like them while simultaneously testing them to see if they’re worth your affections? It’s really tough when you consider that the mini golf course where you used to have all your first dates in high school has probably closed. (R.I.P. Lion’s Fun Park.)

So I thought we needed a list of the 10 best places for a first date. Check them out after the jump!


Every relationship must eventually pass the Bricktown test. And that’s where you go to Bricktown and argue about where to park. So, why not put the relationship to the test early? If neither of you say that the other is an idiot for either paying $10 to park, or parking miles away to avoid paying $10, then you’ve passed the test.


H & 8th
H & 8th is a great event. Who doesn’t love live music, beer, and food trucks? But the thing that makes this a great first date activity is that you two will be waiting I. The longest food truck line ever before you order. Most dates allow you to make small talk while you eat as a distraction from the terrible small talk. But at H & 8th, you won’t get that food for a good hour at least. So don’t forget your snappy repartee.


Escape OKC
There are a lot of moments that can tell you the strength of a person’s character, and a lot of those moments occur during high pressure situations. So why not put your date to the test from the get go? It’s better to know if someone is gonna crack under pressure during the first date instead of waiting to see how they react ten years down the road, in the event that you are kidnapped or held hostage.

trivia night photo

TLO Free Team Trivia
See how they react when they hear the various team names. If they laugh, keep them. If they wince like they’re offended, leave them with the check right after Final Ogle.

chelinos queso

I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like the special salsa at Chelinos, nor do I trust anyone who is able to leave Chelinos without feeling like their pants are going to rip. Take your date to Chelinos to see what they order, and if they are able to turn down a sopapilla. If they do, they probably aren’t human.

henry hudsons

Henry Hudson’s
Relationships always start out so fun and fresh, but if you stick with someone, you have to put up with their ups and downs. This means depression, weight gain, bad financial decisions, and probably some pretty bad haircuts. To get a feel of how this potential mate handles these sorts of things, take them to Henry Hudsons so you see how they react to all of them in the wild.


Remington Park
Relationships can generally weather a lot of temptations, but it’s good to put all of them out front to see how the person does. So, if your date suffers from poor impulse control, you’ll slowly watch them lose their money as they sip drink after drink. It’s good to know this ahead of time, just so you don’t accidentally shack up with the type of person who accidentally gambles away their share of the rent.


Lake Stanley Draper
I’m not so hard hearted that I don’t want you to have a little bit of fun. If the other options are a little too calculated for you, then I think this is the option for you. There’s nothing quite like a moonlit stroll around a lake. And sure, there are probably dead bodies slowly floating up all around you, but you know what? Romance is what you make it, okay? Just enjoy the night.

red dog


The Red Dog
What? They have a really good shrimp and fries combo that apparently sells really well. I’m sure your date would love it.

grocery store

The Grocery Store

Full disclosure: I didn’t come up with this idea. I stumbled upon it by finding these suggestions from the Oklahoma Christian clubs and social life section of their website. And while the majority of the choices on this list are legit date options, I kind of had to wonder if the conservative staff who created this page knew that going grocery shopping with a date usually means going to the home of said date to eat dinner. AND THEN WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE WILL HAPPEN ONCE THE DISHES ARE DONE? But you know, if it’s a first date, it’s good to know whether or not the person you may or may not be starting a relationship with can cook, or if they buy the right kind of pickles when they’re at the store.

So, where do you take your first dates?