Ogletoberfest is now available in liquor stores…


Remember that beer we brewed with Anthem? It’s a delicious Vienna-style lager called Ogletoberfest.

We made it available on tap at local bars in early September. Now you can pick it up in cans at any liquor store across the state.

I know this because…

A) The beer has our name on it…

B) These pics from the beer drinking app Untappd

00020ogletoberfest  00016ogletoberfest 00017ogletoberfest

00018ogletoberfest 00019ogletoberfest 00005ogletoberfest  00007ogletoberfest 00008ogletoberfest 00009ogletoberfest 00010ogletoberfest 00011ogletoberfest 00012ogletoberfest 00001ogletoberfest 00002ogletoberfest 00003ogletoberfest 00004ogletoberfest

What does a Lost Ogle have to do to get Emily Sutton to drink our beer and then send us a photo? Weather Princesses and local Oktoberfest beers go together like hook echos and hailstones. Maybe we should send a 4-pack to Michael.

Anyway, there’s a limited supply of cans available, so be sure to pick yours up while it lasts. If your liquor store doesn’t carry it, just ask. If they’re located in Oklahoma, they can order it. Also, the beer is still available on tap. Ask your local bar to carry it, too!