Apparently Moore city leaders have never driven in Moore


I think we can all agree that traffic in the Oklahoma City Metro over the past ten years has gotten out of hand. Everything seems to be growing a lot faster than cities can keep up with, which means there are way too many drivers on already terrible streets. And while I definitely feel this traffic problem on Santa Fe when I go to my parents’ house in Edmond, I think we can all agree that no place has this problem quite like 19th Street in Moore.

When I wrote this post about the worst intersections in the Metro, some commenters reminded me I left the intersection of 19th and Telephone Road out. And I did, but not on purpose. You see, the last time I drove through the intersection, it was after leaving the Five Guys Burgers there in 2011. The reason I left was because an old lady drove her Toyota Camry through the front of the store, and showered my cajun fries with glass shards. Then, as I was trying to turn north onto Telephone Road from 19th, a truck in the non-turning lane decided to turn ahead of me, even though he didn’t have a green light, and cut me off, causing me to go up onto the curb. Basically, that intersection was the basis for Mad Max: Fury Road. I think.

I’m not saying that the residents of Moore should learn to drive. Though, I’m not arguing against it. I am saying, though, that there are some terrible traffic spots, and I would argue that the 19th Street bridge over I-35 and the surrounding intersections are the sorts of places where the most work is needed, especially if they are just going to keep building businesses and shopping centers right in that area.

Arguably, that is the area that needs the most work. But Moore city leaders seem to think otherwise. According to KFOR, Moore thinks they need an underpass at the railroad tracks on 4th Street to alleviate that traffic. Apparently no Moore city leader was present at Five Guys the day that lady drove right through it, or tried to turn onto Telephone Road while a bro with an oversized truck cut them off, or has tried to exit the highway at 19th Street, or even tried to get to that sweet, precious Dairy Queen. Come on, Moore.

And while I’m at it, I have like a thousand terrible words to say about the I-35 Service Road that runs in front of the Warren, and the stop sign that allows people exiting the highway to have the right of way. That whole area is a problem. Can we please address that first? Because I’m really tired of going to the Hollywood Theater in Norman, but I will continue to do so if it means not driving in crappy Moore traffic.

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  1. We should also remember the brilliant construction planning that has made any travel from south to north on either SunnyLane, Bryant, Sooner or Eastern utterly impossible in the morning hours. 20 minutes to travel 1 mile is unacceptable.

  2. They are in the process of adding an overpass on SW 34th Street to help alleviate some of the 19th Street traffic. They have the plans finished and are in the process of purchasing the land to build the bridge. It is supposed to be ready sometime next year.

  3. I think an underpass on 4th might alleviate a little of the 19th traffic though. I for one would use 4th almost exclusively to get to I-35 if I wasn’t worried about getting stopped at the tracks.

  4. As a person that lives on the east side of those tracks and 19th street. Go to 4th and take the service road south to Warren. A lot faster, especially if you are getting off of the highway. Now for the underpass, heck yes we need another one. All of Norman will go to the 19th St. one when a train blocks anything north of Robinson St. So as a person who lives in Moore we deal with 19th or go to 27th Street every stinking time a train stops. Which is about 3 or 4 times a day.

  5. I live right off of there, and use it multiple times a day, going to/from work, and also errands. It’s really bad. My roommate and I refer to crossing the bridge as “crossing the red sea” because it feels like such a journey sometimes, despite the fact that in optimal conditions, none of our destinations around there are more than 5 mins from our house. It’s really bad. What’s even worse is when the fucking train A) keeps using its horn 7-8 times at every intersection at all hours of the morning, and B) when said train decides to stop somewhere down the line, and just blocks intersection after intersection, with no fucks given. I love living in Moore, but the traffic and poor road planning are definitely some of my biggest gripes. And can we also talk about the horrendous service road past the Hobby Lobby and Best Buy and stuff that’s ALWAYS full of huge potholes? It’s so bad, that I have to drive down the shoulder on that road every day.

    1. That road was a dream before everyone started moving to Moore. 🙁

  6. Also, to add to your statement about people in Moore being unable to drive (and also to continue my rant), I have to say that I’ve noticed a sharp difference between most Moore drivers and drivers in other places I’ve lived (MWC, Choctaw, Del City, etc). Granted, I’ve lived in Moore for only about a year and a half, but I have noticed that people there tend to be unable to function like normal people while behind the wheel, and love to do annoying/stupid things like stop while getting off the off-ramp, wait for cars just exiting the off-ramp to pass before proceeding past the stop signs on the service road (seriously, I’ve never understood why those aren’t yield signs instead), swerving in and out of lanes (especially during turns, like the one getting off of I35 South at 19th), and driving well below the speed limit (why does no one seem to realize that entire area of the highway is 70MPH?). It’s really weird. I don’t really have any kind of hypothesis for why things are the way they are, but, I definitely have noticed that Moore drivers tend to be some of the worst I’ve seen in Oklahoma.

    1. Have you been to Edmond lately? lol

    2. The issue with Moore mostly, but the entire metro is too few lanes for the amount of traffic to pass through congested areas smoothly. Seriously, TWO G.D. LANES THROUGH DOWNTOWN?? fml…

      1. Once you get to two lanes on a side, adding more lanes without restriction is a game of increasing build costs, increasing maintenance costs and diminishing returns. Adding another lane would cost more than it cost to build the first two, but instead of the 50% improvement of adding a second lane, you’re only going to get a 33% improvement for a third, and a 25% improvement for a fourth. Any additional lanes would need to be a restricted lane (carpool only, bus only, etc), as the problem isn’t a lack of capacity (there’s 2-7 seats in the typical car and an average of 1.2 passengers), but a lack of incentive to use that capacity effectively.

        Additionally, adding another lane is only going to move the bottleneck around, and adding lane capacity tends to incentivize people not currently using that route to use that route instead. So, any relief to be had will be somewhere between temporary and non-existent.

        The same works for other transportation options: If you build it, they will come. Build a carpool lane, and people start carpooling (even if it’s ad-hoc slugline style like Seattle and Washington DC, where people stop at a transit center and ask people waiting for a bus where they’re headed and steal a transit passenger to use the carpool lane). Build effective rapid transit, people transition to that as being more convenient (and about the only reason every city larger than OKC in the US has traffic that moves at all).

  7. I’m still not entirely clear what Prop 1 on the 2014 ballot actually meant for Moore…

  8. I actually think that exiting traffic should have the right of way off the interstate, last thing you want is a back up on to the hwy where people are driving 90mph. I do however agree that whole side service road is a mess.

    1. You are correct. Exiting traffic should *always have the right of way.

      *unless I’m stopped at that stop sign waiting for the exiting people to CLEAR OUT

  9. I have tricks and tips for getting around some of the living hell that is 19th Street traffic (the easiest one being “Go to Norman”).

    I won’t belabor you with the boos and the hoos of how fucked up everything is (that bridge over I-35 is scary as hell with those low walls – whomever thought to build that NEW apartment complex was blinded by dollar signs – the Sam’s Club is re-writing the chapter on bad driving decisions, etc. etc., I’ll just leave this here:

    Use the damn traffic lights! Stop making left turns into Target from 19th just west of Mike Morgan Road…something Morgan Road…anyway, use the freaking light where Jack in the Box is! Get a clue, you imbecile!! You can drive from Chick-fil-A to Dick’s (“Chicks to Dicks”) without touching 19th Street if you know what the hell you’re doing and use common-sense driving skills!!!!

    *lights cigarette, takes a long drag, and stares off into the distance*

    1. Thank you for that, I love Dick’s.

  10. From Norman go up 36th and hit the Warren from the back side. Traffic light and everything, seldom have difficulty.

    1. That’s what I do. Nothing is going to keep me from that sweet, sweet Warren balcony experience.

  11. The reasons tranpsort is so poorly planned is because
    1. Planning = central planning = communism
    2. We hate government and taxes so much that we will avoid paying a single additional cent for anything as long as possible, keeping infrastructure decades behind

  12. There would be no Moore if it weren’t for the train (it began life as a jerkwater train stop), so why the bitching about the tracks? They were there first. Moore is full of people who wanted to live in Edmond and bought the imitation flavor (and yes, Edmond traffic SUCKS).

    1. I grew up near Moore and now live in Edmond. The traffic in Edmond is the worst traffic I have ever seen!

      I may be moving some day just to escape a town that doesn’t know what right turn lanes are. And doesn’t know how to program traffic lights. And doesn’t know how to widen streets. And doesn’t know how to fix potholes. And thinks it’s “ok” for it to be 35 mph in many sections of the city.

      But hey, at least there’s a cop every mile section to nail you if you get out of line. Gotta love this town!

      1. Edmond, where every problem – whether it’s traffic-related or not – is solved by putting up another stop light 30 yards downwind from an existing light.

  13. Normanites already think Moore is too far away to drive to. The traffic is only another diversion to keep them from traveling.

    1. I live in Norman and would rather drive to the stores in that area of Moore rather than drive to the west side of Norman.

  14. Newsflash: the OKC metro has more bad drivers than good drivers. Anyone who disagrees isn’t from around here.

    1. Or they are a bad driver. However, if there are more bad drivers than good, how would we know and be able to trust somebody’s judgement on who the good and the bad drivers are?

  15. Maybe OKC should get some real transit.

    1. ^^^OMG, if Oklahoma City had a real, honest-to-goodness-from-Moore-to-Edmond subway system…I get excited just dreaming about it. Unfortunately, no one back then thought we would be where we are today, and probably would have been shot down for their fuel-saving idea anyway.

      Folks around here can’t even get together on how to effectively use a simple-ass trolley system.

      1. Let’s start realistically, like Eugene, Oregon did with the Emerald Express (EmX) at least, and introduce a free-fare bus rapid transit (BRT) line running the length of the metro north south, and another one east-west. Real bus rapid transit (not the stripped out crap Tulsa’s planning right now) with pre-paid or free boarding, level platforms, reserved lanes and signal priority absolutely screams along like rail does, but at a fraction of the price. And can be easily upgraded to light rail later at a relatively modest investment as capacity requirements grow.

        Eugene’s starting to consider converting some of their busier EmX routes to light rail now.

        1. First, you’d have to convince the local politicians to turn their backs on their road construction cronies and give up that sweet, sweet kickback. Too much cash to be made constantly repairing poorly-constructed roads.

          1. Still need the roadbuilders to rip up the existing street to build the busway down it.

      2. lanetransitdistrict on Youtube has videos of what I’m talking about.

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