They’re filming a new Hellraiser movie in Guthrie…


It’s been starting to feel like the end of times here in Oklahoma. With the energy industry melting down, a state budget deficit resembling the yawning edge of a black hole, and the OKC Thunder giving away 2 second-round picks for Randy Foye, there is an apocalyptic vibe in town these days. Spring started in February, so it will probably be 3,000 degrees outside by the time August rolls around and we will all be dead or living underground like dust bowl mole-men.

But not all is bleak. Filmmakers have been shooting movies here lately, mostly because of the cheap cost and cash incentives from the state. Aside from Oscar-nominated ‘August: Osage County,’ there have also been several low-key indie flicks made in the Sooner State.

NewsOK reports on another upcoming production:

The Oklahoma Film + Music Office, with producer Mike Leahy of Strike Accord and in association with Puzzle Box Returns Inc., has announced the start of production of the feature film ‘Judgment’ in Oklahoma City and Guthrie, Oklahoma.

The film is utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program, administered by OF+MO, with principal photography beginning today.

Leahy is returning to Oklahoma, after producing the film “Great Plains,” which utilized the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program in the fall 2015.

“The rebate program and Oklahoma Film + Music Office were instrumental in bringing Great Plains to shoot in Oklahoma,” said Leahy in a news release. “In addition to those two assets, the capable crew and Oklahoma connections made the decision to return with ‘Judgment’ an easy one.”

‘Judgment’ features a police officer’s pursuit of a serial killer who undergoes a final accounting of his soul by creatures of the underworld. The film marks the return to directing of Gary Tunnicliffe, a veteran of the makeup effects industry for the last 23 years, having designed and created makeup effects on more than 60 feature films, and his credits include genre franchises such as “Hellraiser,” “Halloween,” “Candyman,” “Mimic,” “Prophecy,” “Pulse,” “Children of the Corn,” “Exorcist,” “Wishmaster,” “Dracula,” “Scream” and “Blade.”

That’s cool that an industry outside of oil and aviation gets a leg-up from the state. This also brings some new jobs to the state for a little while.

What’s weird to me is that NewsOK seems to go out of their way to not mention that it’s a horror movie, specifically another installment in the way-too-long ‘Hellraiser’ series. The colorfully-titled horror news website Bloody-Disgusting has an article about the film that uses the NewsOK article as a source. It seems like it would be an interesting tidbit to include, that a famous film franchise is shooting their next installment here, but what do I know?

This is the eleventh entry into the series, which started to go down the toilet after the second one. It will probably be hot pile of steaming garbage like its predecessors, but maybe the filmmakers will take advantage of their surroundings to craft a unique Hellraiser experience.

The series is centered around a group of pasty-faced demons who appear from a box and torture people. This premise is a very similar experience to listening to the Sports Animal on your radio. Jim Traber would make a great addition to the Cenobyte gang. He would scream hot takes about Bob Stoops at his victims until they were bleeding out of their eyes.

The demon creatures are summoned from an ornate puzzle box. The only place I can imagine stumbling across some ancient, wicked artifact like that would be Mary’s Swap Meet. As a bonus, there would be plenty of scary-looking people present that they could use for extras.

There are so many creepy locations in the metro that would work for a horror movie. The abandoned Enterprise Square would make for an excellent spot. The broken-down robotic presidents could come to life again and terrify us again. They could also use the Mathis Brothers ‘as-is’ section, because some horrifying shit must go down there every night.

The producers probably won’t use any of these ideas, but I hope we get to see at least a few recognizable Oklahoma landmarks in the finished product. All I ask is that they fit in one scene with Pinhead eating an onion burger.

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12 Responses

  1. Cue cross and pitchfork wielding mobs trying to figure out where to gather and yell about film with hell references.
    Also, they better get to filming quick. Those black leather costumes and plastic makeup attachments will have those actors wishing they were in hell given temperatures coming up….as a welcome cool respite.

  2. Another filmed in Guthrie,then straight to video.

  3. This is one of your best articles ever! I was laughing so hard I was crying. Love your one of a kind humour.

  4. Isn’t the twist on the franchise is that pinhead is now our governor?

    1. Scary to admit that I’d prefer Pinhead to OK Massacre Mary!

  5. Here’s an idea for our budding film industry. The capital building is crumbling; instead of fixing it up – destroy it. Use plenty of cameras at all angles for multiple films. It could be Sierra Club terrorists in one film, aircraft bombing/crashes in another, Earthquake XIV, mooseleems, end-of-times rapture, oil gushers, etc… What about our legislators and Governor? Where will they meet? I think Devon and Chesapeake oil have some unused space. Delivering paychecks will be easier too. Win, win.

  6. Could somebody fark a pic of Aaron Tuttle as the evil Pinhead from this flick?

    1. %100


      1. JTM just won the internets!

  7. “The only place I can imagine stumbling across some ancient, wicked artifact like that would be Mary’s Swap Meet.”

    Or any antique shop in downtown Guthrie…

    Oh wait!!!! Maybe that is why they are shooting there?!?!

  8. Chainsaw Kittens need to reunite and get on the soundtrack again.

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