Friday Night in the Big Town: Spelling Bee(r), Ladies’ Chess & Flo Rida

Welcome back to the best Oklahoma City weekend event column this side of the Mississippi River. I cannot compete with the Oklahoma City weekend event columns written east of the mighty river, as they provide top-notch insider information only elite journalists educated by the likes of Columbia University and Harvard are privy to. However, I’m proud of UCO degree and am not intimidated by the likes of the LookatOKC blog, 405 Magazine or the Oklahoma Gazette events calendar. Actually, I always surpass them.

This weekend we have a spelling test where you must be partially or totally inebriated to participate, chess with a feminine touch and a chance to hang out with a hip-hop guy. You don’t find this level of weekend fun and debauchery in the pages of the Norman Transcript. This is what brings you back to The Lost Ogle, the best Ogle.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…


6th Annual Midtown Rotary Spelling Bee(r)

Fri – 6pm, Will Rogers Theater – 4322 N. Western Ave.

Now in its sixth year, the Midtown Rotary vows to find the citizen who has the greatest spelling acumen once their brain is dowsed with beer through a public shaming examination. Why? They have their secret reasons. They are likely Illuminous in nature, but at least they are entertaining us.

Along with the drunk spelling bee is beer tasting and food. Several local breweries have joined the celebration to tease your palate and help wash down authentic German food provided by the Will Rogers Theatre. There will also be a silent auction that includes local art, crafts, gift baskets and more prizes. The price of admission includes entrance into the spelling bee, so if you feel your chops are on point, you can win $500. Go get drunk!


Ladies’ Only Chess Club

Sat – 10am, District House – 1755 NW 16th St, Free

Sorry guys, we aren’t allowed. A new chess club to popularize the classic game among females of all ages and skill levels meets Saturday at District House in the Plaza District. As reported by NewsOK, as children, boys and girls enjoy the chess equally, but by the sixth grade, female participation drops dramatically.

The Ladies’ Only Chess Club tries to correct this change by providing a comfortable setting. This is achieved by banning all humans with a Y chromosome. The chromosome is more of a problem than it’s worth. Wars and terrible politics can be attributed to it. However, it has provided for plenty of fail videos on YouTube.


Hang Out with Flo Rida

Sat – 9pm, Club One15 – 115 E. Sheridan Ave., $$ I have no clue $$

Do you want to hang on with Flo Rida? Is this meeting the missing puzzle piece of your life? If so that’s sad, but hey, the point of this post isn’t to be judgmental, but to help you achieve your dreams. I just thrown in judgment as a bonus.

For an amount of dollars that is no longer listed on their website, you can hang out with Flo Rida. Also, tickets can no longer be purchased online and must be bought at the box office. I’m guessing you should expect a price between $5 and $2,000. Be sure to bring  your coin purse.

Adam is a musician and freelance journalist. He’s never participated in the Olympics, winter or summer.

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