7 Reasons to Attend DeadCenter Film Festival


The DeadCenter Film Festival is upon us! It’s also celebrating its Sweet 16. Hard to believe it’s already 16. Seems like only yesterday DeadCenter was having to be dropped off and picked up for all its stupid after school activities. Now, DeadCenter can drive itself to trombone lessons.

What started out as a couple of film nerds watching indie films in their garage has turned into something awesome. From June 8 -12 you can attend parties, see short films, watch feature-length movies, attend Q&A’s, take a nap in the bathroom, and a whole host of awesome events.

If you’ve never been to DeadCenter, or are just looking for a reason to go this year, I’m about to give you 7 reasons. Also, check out the DeadCenter website for information on the schedule and passes.


1. It’s a good excuse to sit around and watch movies all day.

Listen, it’s going to start getting hot this week according to Aaron Tuttle. Why not save money on your electricity bill by going out and sitting in an air-conditioned theater and let them pay the utility bill? There is a whole bunch of movies and shorts and certainly some of them will pique your interest. Personally, I’m excited about a movie titled “O’ Brother.” It’s about a politico who is caught up in an adultery website hack. Seems interesting.

movei snob

2. You can be a movie snob.

Have you ever wanted to act like a pretentious movie snob? Now’s your chance! Go see one of the artsy films, you know the ones, where it’s black and white and it doesn’t really have a plot… then as you’re leaving, you and your friends can say words like, “Mise en scène. Tropes. Ennui.” or any other word that would be seen in the SATs. It also gives you the ability to look down on people who haven’t seen the movie you just came out of seeing. “What a bunch of uncultured swine. Can you believe these slack-jawed yokel’s haven’t seen ‘O’Brother?” you can say, after leaving the screening of “O’Brother.”

movie snob

3. You can upset a movie snob.

I find it enjoyable to get someone worked up because they have a strong opinion. Like telling a Hillary supporter that you think Trump has some good ideas, and just watching them get bent out of shape. Or telling a Bernie supporter you think Hillary is trustworthy. If you’re bored on Facebook, troll political comments. It’s a great way to waste an afternoon and change zero minds. Anycrap, if you come across a movie snob, tell them you haven’t seen whatever turd of a movie they are talking about and tell them you only watch movies that have been approved by your pastor. Or that you think 1997’s Batman & Robin is absolutely the best Batman film.

magic mike

4. Lots of pretty people are in these movies.

Listen, people like to watch good-looking people do stuff. They don’t even have to do that much! Just look at the success of Magic Mike. That’s just a bunch of dudes dancing for 90 minutes and it made like… I dunno, a trillion dollars. While the movies at DeadCenter won’t have Channing Tatum (or do they?! Only one way to find out.), they will have some eye candy. If you pay attention to TLO’s Hot Girl feature, Edna Garcia was recently profiled. She’s in one of the movies in DeadCenter. Also, there is a movie that has a Thundergirl playing the role of a wife who has been cheated on. Why would anyone cheat on a Thundergirl? You’ll have to watch “O’Brother” to find out!


5. It’s Local.

People love supporting local stuff. If it’s a beer and brewed in the city you live in, it’s automatically better, right? It’s the same with film festivals! Lot’s of local films, filmmakers, businesses, actors, producers, etc. DeadCenter is cool because it shines a spotlight on our film industry. Remember when there was always a Hollywood movie being made in Oklahoma, and then the legislature cut the tax credit that brought a lot of that Hollywood money into Oklahoma? Well, we still have people who make their living in the art of film, we just don’t have all that Hollywood money coming into the state. So, support our local films, like “O’Brother” which was shot entirely in OKC with a cast and crew of Oklahomans!


6. You can see me star in a movie!

Why the hell would anyone want that? I apologize for beating you guys over the head with my movie “O’Brother,” but I’m anxious and excited about it. I’ve done plenty of sketches and helped out in short films, but this is the first time I’ve been in a feature-length film. It was written by Lance McDaniel, Melissa Scaramucci and myself. It was a whole bunch of fun to shoot and the cast is AMAZING! Lance McDaniel directed as well as stars in it. Everyone (excluding me) is really good at acting. So go see it Saturday or Sunday and either be a movie snob, or piss off a movie snob!

spencer hicks lost ogle

7. It’s a great way to get some culture in your life without eating yogurt.

Think about how movies can make you feel. Do you ever quote movies? Ever think, “Someone should make a movie about this?” Movies are awesome. They can change the way you look at things. And while I love to shit on award shows for famous, rich actors – the movie industry does some important stuff. We have people in our state who are doing the same things Hollywood does and they deserve to be recognized for their work. So go support local artists, while sitting in air conditioning, while looking at pretty people, and become an a movie snob (or just piss off a movie snob).